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Setting Up openSuse... And getting My official OS tester

The past few days I have been kinda going under the radar. Does anybody know anything about "networking issues"? That's what our internet or "innernet" provider told us. Anyway in short it would load website REALLY slow, and some just refused to load at all ( was one.

Anyway, today all of a sudden, the WiFi started working again, so I decided to let my people know I am alive and kicking.

So what is this about openSuse?
A few days ago, I was thinking about writing an article on a distro I had never written about before. Well I decided that first I would first need a distro I had never tried before. This is what I ended up looking up Tell you the truth I have tried about every distro on there... except:
Well, I might just have to download it!

Well let me say I got it wrong the first 2 times.

  1. I downloaded openSuse live... I don't know what I was seeing, and they explicitly tell you not to download it for installation purposes, so I meddled around for an hour reading the docs wondering why I was getting strange errors.
  2. I downloaded the Net-only version, which is a serious mistake for a laptop like mine, I tend to have network issues all day long with installers. (Any help on that, ping me.)

So I downloaded the main version, and It finally worked.

The installer gives you 5 "desktops" (2 aren't)

  1. Gnome
  2. Kde Plasma
  3. Generic Desktop
  4. Server
  5. Transactional Server

Gonna tell you right now, I was SO tempted to install the Generic Desktop just to see how it looked! But my good senses ruled out... and I ended up installing KDE.

Next was suggested partitioning. It did about everything right, except giving me a swap space. Well, instead of going in there and manually changing it, my computer runs pretty good without one anyway, so I forged ahead.

The rest was just normal installation like name, timezone, blah blah blah. UNTIL! I saw this option to import user data from partitioning the former installation. Well I clicked on it, and LO AND BEHOLD "nico@niners" (Get it, Nico and the Niners? I did that for fun...) showed up.

All Linux Distros! You ALL need this feature in your installer!!!

Okay, lets get down to business, Software, speed, and pre-installed software.

Well, boot up ain't too slow, but it ain't too fast either. With Arch Linux on the same computer I blink and my computer starts up 1 minute at least. (Obviously hyperbole. Probably in 30 seconds realistically.)

Preinstalled software is:

  1. Mahjongg Solitaire
  2. Reversi
  3. Patience Card game
  4. Minesweeper
  5. Sudoku
  6. Okular
  7. LibreOffice SUITE
  8. Skanlite
  9. Gwenview
  10. Konversation
  11. Kmail
  12. Akregator
  13. Pim Setting Exporter
  14. TigerVnc
  15. Sieve Editor
  16. KTnef
  17. Firefox
  18. VLC
  19. KAdressBook
  20. Wacom Tablet Finder
  21. Ark
  22. Dolphin
  23. Discover
  24. System = [ YaST, Ark, Termianal, KSysGuard, Konsole]
  25. KmouseTool
  26. Kleopatra
  27. Knotes
  28. Kcalc
  29. Kompare
  30. Kmag
  31. Spectacle
  32. KTnef

Well, gonna be honest with you. Really I don't know how I feel about pre-installed software. It actually seems like openSuse did a pretty good job not including a bunch of bloatware, and most of it is actually just stuff that comes with KDE anyway.

But all the repo software ain't spectacular. BUT, all .RPMs that work on Fedora basically work on "Suse".

My first impression is alright, but I ran into a few bugs already so I think I might have to take a little while using the distro before I make a definite decision. Which is exactly why I just hired my "Senior Software Tester" A.K.A My older brother. He isn't exactly a Linux groupee (said with the roll of the tongue), and is sort of a newbie to the whole Linux "thing", which is exactly why I think he will be perfect for testing, because He comes in with a open mind, unlike me. So I am going to let him use the distro for a week or so and see how he likes it.

Okay, y'all have a great day!

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