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Computer Fun Part 1: Aliases

So yesterday I was reading this article where this guy was doing stuff with the Arch Linux package manager. I guess as a joke the guy did this:

yay opera browser

Then to uninstall it he went

eww opera-bin

Well that really got me thinking. What other crazy stuff can you alias?


This one is on that people do all the time. A few good ones I have done is:

please (a really popular one)


kittypower (made this one up)




Now you really don't want the alias to be too long, but doing this can make using the command line really fun.

The Package manager

I don't see this one done as much as sudo. But I can say when you alias both sudo and your package manager you can end up with stuff like:

kittypower catnip install []

(I am a cat lover)

A few good ones I know are:





You can also alias a full command like:

goodnight_sweet_prince = 'sudo shutdown -h now'

pewpewpew = 'kill' or 'sudo pacman -R'

your_fired = 'exit'

kthxbye = 'exit'

Drop your favorite aliases in the comments! And remember to have fun!

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parasite______ profile image

im gonna go crAazy with this lmao, i currently have a dotfile ~/.bash_aliases for shortcuts and small utilities but its about 2 be so polluted when its filled with silly shit

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