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What are your pet peeves?

There are a lot of things that annoy me in this world. Some people, other children, my computer, WiFi speed, etc. But (relating to computers) here are my most reoccurring, persistent and annoying things that bother me.

Packaging one tiny file in a .zip, .tar.gz...

Okay, this really gets me. I don't know what the thinking is about this. One file doesn't need a .zip! For goodness sake, the whole reason of a zip file is to compress or to send a folder filled with MANY files. A .png that is less than a megabyte has absolutely no reason to be downloaded as a zip!

Calling things cross-platform when it isn't

This gets me more than it should. I will search an application, and it will say in the description "cross-platform", and I will search for the Linux version for it, and you know what, it will only support Windows, or even worse, only support Mac. I think the problem arises when people hear "opensource". Opensource is not cross-platform, neither vice versa.

Getting dead or broken links

So your first assumption would be to say, "Lazar, things don't last forever on the internet, you are bound to walk into a few of these every now or then". But please, when you have a well-moderated forum, that ISN'T dead, then at least try to warn other users about it being dead. It's just the good thing to do.

Using hacking and coding interchangeably

"A hacker is one who exploits vulnerabilities on a system or a network. Someone who can solve problems by manipulating computer code is known as a programmer. Someone who makes things." You can hack a computer without writing a line of code (sometimes). But coding you must sit down and write ACTUAL CODE! My word! Please don't overuse this one!

People calling drag and drop "coding"

Alright, now I get really steamed up about this one. DRAG AND DROP IS NOT CODING! Oi vey! I get that when you want to teach someone the beginnings of coding you tech them block based. I have nothing against that, but when someone builds a website using drag and drop, and calls themselves a "web-developer" afterwards... this really gets me. And I know, I'm only 14, but people who actually code should be called coders.

Well I think I ranted enough on this one. What are your pet peeves and your triggers?

Have a great day!

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