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PyCamp 2022 - Going camping without bugs

Table Of Contents

What is the PyCamp

🌱 Nature + 🤗 OSS + 🐍 Python friends = ⛺ PyCamp

After many years of PyCamp events in Argentina, the event had its first edition in Europe this Spring in Barcelona, Spain.

Our plan is to not have a fixed plan.

I heard this from the organizer Manuel, @reydelhumo. And you all must be thinking...

Yes! So how a non business event was so organized and successful? The answer is community.

Where to camp

The location chosen was the beautiful region of Girona near Barcelona, Spain. Surrounded by nature, the pythonistas could choose any project or workshop to participate in. What was the view from there? Breath and take a look!

Event view

Any similarity with Window desktop image is just pure coincidence...

We did not sleep in tends in the event. We lived in a very well equipped house with shared rooms and bathrooms. Also, with enough sockets to charger our laptops.

PyCamp Activities

The event counted with 25 people spending 4 days together doing what they love the most - collaborating with others through code.


From translating Japanese mangas to building bots and making music with Python, the projects were interesting and fun. Some of themes were: Python packaging, Twitter API, Telegram bots and more.

I worked in one of the projects named as Pylículas. The goal was to make a Telegram bot that could give movie recommendations to the user. Fun!

Also, if you did not find any projects that you like, you could always propose one yourself even if you do not know how to do. People are there are very collaborative and helpful.

Who can join

If you like Python and want to contribute to OSS projects, this is the right event for you. Amazing event, right? But you are not a Pythonista yourself? No problem at all.

In this edition, we had people talking about DevOps tools and JavaScript frameworks, so feel free to bring different topics to the event. Python beginners, we hear you! There are a bunch of mentors to help you during the projects.

Final thoughts

So my final words about this event is that living and collaborating with others makes without saying a true community event. So see you next Spring at PyCamp Spain? ⛺

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