My 100DaysofCode Experience — The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Gift Egwuenu on October 11, 2017

My Experience during this period has been overwhelming. Did I think I'll ever make it to Day 100? No, I didn’t. My Journey On 25th of J... [Read Full]
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I wouldn't even know where to start anymore. What I do know is that there is more to learn than possible for one person to learn.

Thinking of it as a journey is good.


Congrats on making it through! I was looking through your project log and it's really impressive! Go you!


Ooooh congrats on the journey so far. I think all your takeaways are spot on.


I found this so relatable:

Yes literally i see ads like learn this in 6 weeks and become a Pro and I'm like Yeah I can do that, but sincerely I doubt that’s possible

I used to see (and purchased a few) books that said "Learn xyz in 24 hours". What they didn't tell you (maybe it was the fine print on page 600?) was that it's 1 hour on 24 days, with a good bit of re-reading and then hours of practice in between. Not as catchy for marketing I guess. :D

Congrats and good luck!


Thanks Grant. I know right. It's all for marketing :D


The bit about Rome is so true. Keep pushing. Most of us felt exactly the same at some point when we started. Consistency is really important. All the best

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