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My 100DaysofCode Experience — The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

lauragift21 profile image Gift Egwuenu ・2 min read

My Experience during this period has been overwhelming. Did I think I'll ever make it to Day 100? No, I didn’t.

My Journey

On 25th of June, I decided to commit to the #100DaysofCode challenge. Making that decision has been one of the best I have made this year. #100DaysofCode is an initiative by Alexander Kallaway to help people learning how to code to be more consistent. The goal is to code every day for at least an hour for 100 days. Interesting right?
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My Struggles / Failures

I started all excited, super pumped but guess it didn’t turn out to be all that. I got frustrated at some point trying to keep up with challenge and not just that I also discovered that coding is not for the weak-minded. there were times where I would say no I ain’t doing this no more but I had a goal to reach so I buckled up. Freecodecamp had me at my worst times because I found some challenges hard, spent a couple of days on some but the good news is I pulled through.

Failure will hit you but don’t give up when this happens — Gift

What This Challenge Taught Me

That all that glitters is not gold — Yes literally i see ads like learn this in 6 weeks and become a Pro and I'm like Yeah I can do that, but sincerely I doubt that’s possible because I spent over 13 weeks doing this challenge and I don’t see myself as a Pro yet except I'm getting there. So if you really want to learn stick to a goal and make sure you pull it off.

That Consistency is a gift — The power of consistency can never be overemphasized it takes will and power to stick to a goal especially one like this.

That Rome wasn’t built in a day — Yes you have to work hard to complete this challenge times will come when you want to give up but one key to success is consistency and self-discipline.

That The Community will sustain you— I had down times, times when I just want to go home and sleep but when I remember I have to update my progress on twitter or check other people update to see how far they have gone I just had to push myself and then the wonderful community just pushes and supports you every single time you feel like giving up.

This is a Journey for me and I'm glad I picked up the courage to start. A little advice to my friends already doing #100DaysofCode or basically people that might be interested in taking on this challenge.

Just start…and when you do, STAY MOTIVATED don’t give up.

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eljayadobe profile image

I wouldn't even know where to start anymore. What I do know is that there is more to learn than possible for one person to learn.

Thinking of it as a journey is good.

ggggbbybby profile image
Rebecca G

Congrats on making it through! I was looking through your project log and it's really impressive! Go you!

lauragift21 profile image
Gift Egwuenu Author

Thanks, Rebecca :)

ben profile image
Ben Halpern • Edited

Ooooh congrats on the journey so far. I think all your takeaways are spot on.

geraldchioke profile image
Chioke Gerald Ikenna

That was inspiring Gift! Well done.

samxeshun profile image
Kwaku Eshun

The bit about Rome is so true. Keep pushing. Most of us felt exactly the same at some point when we started. Consistency is really important. All the best

lauragift21 profile image
lauragift21 profile image
Gift Egwuenu Author

Thanks Grant. I know right. It's all for marketing :D

david2999999 profile image
David Jiang

Impressive portfolio 💼 🥇

lauragift21 profile image
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