How To Supercharge Your Productivity As A Developer

Gift Egwuenu on May 24, 2019

I gave a talk about this topic a couple of months ago at forloop Summit Lagos, Nigeria. I decided to write a blog post out of it so here it goes. ... [Read Full]
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"Automate Your Process" yep ! Exactly why this week I've created a repo with a detailed documentation which provides a ready to go configuration that is aimed to give the JavaScript developer the capability to quickly set up a Node.js environment and deliver ES5 from ES6 without wasting time in the maze of Babel configuration options and its plugins... It gives you the minimum settings to start a new project or evaluate any new ideas and it includes one HTML code base to fulfill this objective as well.

Check it out ! ES6 to ES5 transpilation with Babel.js and Node.js

Feedback appreciated ! ;)


Yass! I love this. I also did the same for setting up a React Project a couple of months ago. Checking it out right away :)


I really struggled with focus and concentration during my placement year for a time, particularly on big projects. A lot of what you suggested definitely worked for me. I made a post-it note Kanban board on my desk to break my work down into chunks and visualise what I needed to do and when. It also feels so great when you can move things into the 'done' pile. Similar thing (Trello) helped massively for time management during my final year of university. Helps so much for focusing when I can break things up into smaller tasks that are considerably less daunting.

Thanks for the suggestions though. Going to keep these in mind for future projects!


You're welcome. I also love that feeling when I complete certain tasks on my todo-notes. Super fulfilling!


Great article, thanks! I also love note taking, I have a daily to-do list on a mini-whiteboard on my desk, actually writing seems to ingrain it in my brain better than typing. "Take breaks and rest" is huge, I almost always forget to do this. I'm going to set up a reminder every 2 hours to remind me to go and walk around for a bit.


Yes totally do it. I'm also trying the same and it has been working for me also love taking notes too.


Great post, thanks for sharing! "Take breaks and rest" was a big one for me, The act of leaving your desk to stretch your legs is very important considering how long we're sitting down.


Thank you TJ! I'm often guilty of this too I now have a system that works for me I get a notification to take at least 250 steps every hour which have been working for me.


Good write-up, Egwuene. I appreciate your tool suggestions as well. I've been an avid user of Notion and Tomato Timer for almost a year now. :)

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