Dear Developers, What's Your Work/Home Setup Like?

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Hey everyone, I want this to be a very casual conversation. I'm looking to set up my personal workspace this month and will love to see pictures of your workspaces for inspiration.


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I've been waiting for another one of these for a while! I'm slowly updating my setup, and I really love working from it.

My Desk in the Ikea Bekant with a danish-oil finished beech tabletop (also from Ikea). I love it as it works almost perfectly (sometime the lifting function can be a little jerky), and I don't really see a use for preset heights as I change mine a lot.

My recommendation would be to get a desk plant or two, and having some art or pictures on the wall in order to make you feel comfortable and happy!



Lovely set up. ❤️ Yes, I agree with the wall art and plant idea that is something I already have on my list to get.

What kind of light strip do you have behind the monitor?


Thanks so much! I'm really happy with it, I'm just trying to figure out what to hang in the middle of the wall as it looks a bit sparse.

They're the cheapest ones Amazon has on offer :) I believe they're this one. I got them off a friend so I don't know exactly.

Make sure you post your final setup on here when you're done, it'll be great to see how it ends up :)

Cool! I'll definitely post mine when I'm done setting up


This might be my favorite so far just because of how clean it is


The plant is genius, such a nice little touch. I'm inspired!


Thanks! That’s kind of you! On my headphones stand there’s also a little bottle terranium which is another attempt to get some life at my desk :)


Why don't you get a displate.com ? They're great and I'm pretty sure you'll find something you'll love


Those are rad! I’d never heard of them before. Thanks for the recommendation:)


I kinda dig this setup. Looks minimal and straight to the point. By the way, where did you get that stand from and what brand is it?


Cheers! Yeah I don’t really like having too much on my desk, it’s easy to get dusty that way.
The headphone stand is from Ikea, I don’t actually know what it’s called but it was about $8 if I recall. Is that what you’re after?


This is my work setup:

Dual 27" Dell Ultrasharp monitors in portrait and one Dell 24" in landscape.

And this is my home setup:


Nice 🔥They both look awesome.


So clean and tidy. And I loved the arrangement of the screens in both pictures


Where did you get the shelving unit under your monitors?


Ikea Alex 202.607.18. And the desk is a Ikea Malm 602.141.59.


I used to have a huge desk, but I’m quite happy with this setup. I don't work a lot from home anymore, and I wanted a more family-room feeling with the option of working when needed.

The photo is taken from a small IKEA sofa that doubles as a guest-bed.


  • Monitor: Samsung Ultrawide CF791
  • Chair: Håg Capisco
  • PC: i7, 16G ram, Geforce 780 GTX, SSD

looks awesome! love how the keys are right there next to the other keys.

⌨️➕🎹= 👍


I love this still! And the shelves on top 😍😍😍


Oh I love this question so much! I just started working from home part time and I love my setup!

I have an Autonomous standing desk, with a 32in Dell monitor. Along with some Behringer studio monitors. Still working on the chord mess but I love it!!!

desk with large monitor


Awesome!! We all have that chord mess at some point.


Quite curious, are you left handed? :)


Interesting question. I am not. Why do you ask?


I know I'm not alone with this kind of setup. I'm right-handed and this is how I position my stuff. Laptop on the left and monitor on the right 😄


How much were those Behringers? Are you using a custom DAC?


They are 180 a piece if you get them brand new. I need to go smaller but they are good.

And I user a Focusrite Scarlet 2I2 interface for my audio interface. I run my mic through that as well as my Axe FX II for instruments.


How do you like the Autonomous Desk? I’ve been going back and forth about getting one.


Do it! I have one at work and at home. They are wonderful and quiet. I have the business class one at home and the consumer one at work. Backwards I know. If I were to buy new I would spend the extra and get the business one. There is nothing wrong with the consumer one but the business one has two motors and is a lot quieter, easier to set up, and can move a lot of weight. Plus if you are tall, unlike me, the business one goes insanely high.


This my home workstation, which isn't quite finished, because I need some additional shelves for my Funko Pop! figures, speakers, turntable, and albums. Some artwork on the walls is also in the works! I work in software development, web development, and just general goofing off. :)


  • Desk: Ikea Bekant Corner Desk - left
  • Shelf: custom made from Ikea parts
  • 2017 27-inch Retina 5K iMac
  • 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro
  • mDesign Rain Stand (laptop sits on)
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation)
  • Mackie CR3 speakers
  • Keyboard: Azio (wired because backlit clicky keys!)
  • Magic Trackpad 2 (silver)

Thanks for listing it! Highly appreciated it.


Even got a coaster for the Mountain Dew to top it off, love it!


You know it! The coaster is in the shape of a record, so it goes along with the general theme! I’m so addicted to Mountain Dew...

That's pretty cool, yeah I love Mountain Dew, although the stuff we get in the UK doesn't even nearly compare to how good it is in America. It'd probably cost an arm and a leg if it did due to sugar taxes haha


I work from home and have a single 43” 4K LG monitor to go along with this desk situation.

monitor and desk


Very nice, how do you like the glass desktop? I'm on the fence about getting one on my next desk. I love the look, but I worry about mouse 'quirks' and the sound of my coffee mug clanking after every sip of magic bean juice.


Looks nice. Love the lamp and the octocat thing you have on your desk.


Thanks! Yeah I’m pretty happy with the setup. Because the screen is quite big I have it on a smaller pedestal behind the desk.l and not directly in the desk.


I'm assuming a 43" tv monitor? How do you find working on that compared to computer monitors?


Actually it's this monitor:


The difference between a TV and a monitor is pretty minimal if you actually dive into it. But it does have features that probably make more sense for a monitor than TV, so it's nice that way. It costs a bit more than a comparable TV would be but not by a huge amount.

Either way, the key to having a big monitor is that it needs to be 4k. 1080 HD TV just isn't crisp enough for reading and general monitor stuff.


Im liking the bench press!


I work from home and recently moved my office from the box room to the extension for more space and natural light (it has a glass roof). I decided to do an IKEA hack to build a desk big enough for 2 people so my wife could use the space too.

Here’s my half. I have a 28” 4K screen and a 24” HD screen on monitor arms and my laptop (13”) on a stand to bring the height up:
my half

And from another angle where you can see the full desk. My wife uses a 28” 4K screen and her laptop (13”):
full width.

I built it using 3 x Alex drawers from IKEA and attached a kitchen worktop to it. I love working from here now.

better light


I really like this setup + those sweet keys!


I have to ask...
What kind of switches you got in those bad boys?
Also, those accent keys are dope!


Mine is Cherry MX Brown and my wife’s is Cherry MX Blue. Mine is pretty new and I’m totally in love it. It’s definitely my favourite one I’ve used so far.

Ah same for us. Both keyboards are mime but she gets mad when I type late at night with the Blues, so we switched!


Wow looks nice. ❤️
Been trying to get these Alex drawers over but I can't get IKEA over here might make a custom made one.


I've worked from home for ~5 years now and have pretty well finally gotten my office set up the way I like:
Image of seated desk in a home office

and I also have a standing/treadmill desk:
Image of treadmill desk in a home office

A lot of people shared their setups here, too!


Heck yeah! The best stringed instrument!


Wow!! I love both setups ❤️

Thanks I'll check out the post.


At work just a single iMac - 5K retina flavor on my sit/stand desk.

At home I have a 2018 13" MBP.

I do IT, iOS and web development and these work great for that!

Headphones: Sony WH-1000XM3
Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard (in black)
Mouse: Logitech M500 (gotta love that inertial scrolling)
Microphone: Shure MV5 (we have voip phones, works great for 1 or 10 people)
Qi Charger: Something from the Apple Store (I can't find any good markings on it)


Which Sony headphones are those, and how do you like them?


Headphones: Sony WH-1000XM3

Love them.


Nice desk & setup. May I ask what is the brand of the fan on the left?
Is it good?


Vornado. I got it on Amazon. It's fine - it only has two speed settings and the low one is quite fast, so I never turn it on high. It doesn't oscillate, if you need that, it only pivots up and down.

I have the same Vornado fan! Although I did get mine at Target.


I use my desk for working and streaming on Twitch.


Love the alien head.


Love it. ❤️ What your twitch channel I'll love to check it out.



From the next week, I will start to stream regularly, again.
If you are interested, you can follow us as team twitch.tv/team/livecoders


Desk: Ikea Linnmon
Chair: Some cheap thing from Staples I'm looking to replace
PC: Custom
Monitor: LG 34UC98-W
Keyboard: Ducky One 2 Skyline
Mouse: Logitech MX Master 2
Speakers: Logitech MX
Microphone: Rode Podcaster
Webcam: Logitech c930e
Fake plant and LED strip for color

I’ve been working from home for almost five years now and the key is definitely to set your space up in whatever way makes you feel comfortable. My space has gone through a lot of iterations but I’m finally happy with this. I do want to replace the chair and get a sit/stand desk frame though.


That KB and monitor <3


I have desk like that. An Ikea Linnmon.


Cool! Love this setup ❤️ The plant and led strip added more vibe to it.


Nice and clean setup. 👍


The middle screen is showing the very same question.


I share an office with my wife. I work from home, and she doesn't (can you tell?). I tried to take a panoramic of the whole office. Hope you like it!




I just have one word for this setup it's sick!! Love it :) I was able to view the image on different window though.


Thanks! We like it.


Sorry things are a bit blurry here. Also, not a dev, though I work with DEV so figured that's close enough!

Anyway, here's what I'm working with.


And the zoomed in view, so you can see what a disaster my desk is.


Lots of cat related stuff in case you didn't notice. 😸


Haha that's fine I appreciate you posting. Spotted the DEV hat and the cat wall arts. Nice and clean setup!!!


Thank you! And yep, those are paintings of our cats who passed away... the best kitties ever. My wife actually painted those. 👩‍🎨

Aww sorry about your cats. ❤️


Isn't it funny how a hard wooden chair can actually be really comfortable?


Haha indeed! It mostly is comfy... but I just need remember not to sit to one side. And the long hours can get to me after a bit, but that's probably just sitting for too long in general.

To be honest, I've got my eyes on one of these - amazon.com/Varier-Tilting-Saddle-N... . I want to test it out, but will probably have to order it and just see.


My cord mess... also my setup ;)
That monster on the right is the gaming rig.
Monitor is an LG34UM95-P. Besides the fact that it's awesome to work on, it's also a KVM for the MBP and Gaming rig.

I work from home aprx once a week and also have a side project that can run anywhere from 5 to 20 hours a week.



Is that a mixer? Wow

Are you running Linux?


Yep, a Behringer 802-VLZ3. While the monitor works great as a KVM for the two computers, the sound required a bit more routing so I could pick and choose which source comes out of which speakers.

Nah, just MacOS.


Nice! The cord mess is totally allowed sometimes its difficult fixing that. But I love your setup. Those speakers too 🔥


Thanks! Did audio engineering for a bit. They're a hold over. Can't bring myself to ditch them :) Been running solid for nearly 20 years.

They're Event PS6 Project Studio 6 Powered Monitors

Wow that's cool!


My desk setup:

I also have a dedicated hardware tinkering space in my hybrid living room/office


Whoa, are you writing code on an iPad in the first picture?


Kinda. I am using Working Copy to push simple code that I've modified in Textastic to Git/GitHub.


Love the first picture very photogenic.


Thanks to everyone that shared with me what their space looks like. I finally completed mine and here's the final look.


Not the best picture to be honest, but you see everything I use regularly. ;)

My Workplace


There's no photo :)


I had some sort of issue posting the image, so there’s another post with an image 👆


Looks nice! ❤️Those skincare products and Nutella deserve more space on the desk lol just kidding 🙂


There's no photo?


Updated it just now. Forgot to include it.


Being a Final Year Student at Undergraduate Studies, I don't have a very fancy setup and I work on my 17 Inches Laptop with a 4K Resolution. It is Core I7, 6700HQ, Octa-Thread Laptop and I am on a Table Where I can Extend My legs to full extension and I usually have a rest for legs under the table but I remove that when I start to work on a complex problem.


Home setup

Home setup in my kitchen (small apartment). One screen with 5120x1440 (32:9 format).


Beautiful office


A clean one !


This is my work setup.
Those are 3 monitors, two 1080p and one 4K but I'm running it at 2K.

I run an Ubuntu VM using VMware.

That's also i3 WM with some tweaks (ask me about em).

I use all the Razer equipment -- Mamba Elite, Black widow Elite, and the Extended Goliath mat.

EDIT: Can't seem to upload my photo from mobile smh


My home one is not really a "setup" per se, it's just an IKEA desk with addons...
I'm thinking of making some improvements if possible... so consider it a work in progress... :)

This is my home:

And this is work:

Nice I like both setups and that chair too 😍


Macbook Pro 2017 base model connect to LG Ultrawide Curved 34inch (UC3499W) via USB-C thunderbolt.



Yeah, now it shows


Your setup looks nice. Is that a Sony Alpha A5100?


Have you tried adding it in markdown format


Came across this post whilst looking for inspiration myself.

  • MacBook Pro 2015
  • Dell P2419H monitor

This is my set-up;
home setup


Well want to share mine and want some improvements, but don’t know where, maybe put some acoustic foam? I appreciate some feedback :D



I have a nice home office with multiple displays, ergo chair, etc... but I usually just end up on my laptop. Using i3 window manager, I don't really miss the extra physical displays so much and this way. I'd probably be more productive in my office on a productivity per hour basis, but I think I get more done per day just because I always have my laptop hear me. This is a bit like seasons, though, as I do go through phases where I prefer sitting in the office to work. But I'd say I usually prefer the flexibility of the laptop.


Mine is simpler actually, just my laptop + Ultra-wide 34" Dell monitor + External Keyboard and Mouse

my setup


Nice! Love the 34” monitor


My home dev workplace is my Razer Blade 15, i7,16G RAM, 2TB NVMe, RTX 2080 MAX-Q, which is usually operated on the couch 😁