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Guide To Writing A Good Resume & Stand Out in a Crowd

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Let's face the reality, writing a resume can be intimidating. Not only this but the pressure to make it really good by trying to fix and fill each detail can be tiresome too and scarier, you don't know what to add in and what to leave out.

But writing a good resume doesn't have to be this terrifying, actually, it can be easy and fun if you have some guidance to help you do it right.

That's what this article/guide is all about. Helping you write that 'killer' resume without having to go through much trouble. By the time you are done with this piece of guidance I promise you will want to show off your newly crafted resume to the world and you will be ready to apply for your dream job.

Let's Get Started

What is a Resume?

First things first, let's get to understand what a resume is before we know how to write one: A resume provides a summary of your education, work history, credentials, and other accomplishments and skills you have achieved. Hey, before we get any further just a quick reminder a resume is different from a CV. In simpler words just to differentiate between the two: we can say that a resume is a summary of the CV.

The resume is the most requested document for jobs followed by the cover letter.

Now, enough with the history of resume and CV, perhaps you are wondering when will show the guide to the killer resume? well, the time is now:

With the technology today more so the use of AI we have had many resources online to help us with writing our resumes and CVs. I have tried almost to use all of them just for comparison, and I think I narrowed my list down to a few that will be best to help you get started writing one.

Websites to help write A Good Resume

Before we get down to the resources you should understand a few things:

✔ Keep your resume clear and straight to point

✔ Limit it to two pages

✔ Fix it to suit the position you apply for

✔ Highlight what you have accomplished

✔ Be honest

✔ Use simple words

✔ Include internship to show off your skills

✔ Include Contact info

✔ Proofread your resume

The List:

  1. Zetty Resume Builder Capture.PNG It has free templates that will help you and guide you by filling in your details and will generate your complete resume at the end.
  2. Resumonk
  3. Resume
  4. VisualCV It's not only a cv builder but also a professional resume builder.
  5. ResumUp
  6. Resume Genius Not only can you design resumes but also cover letters, It also has free templates which you can edit to suit your experience.
  7. ResumeBuilder Offers guides on how to write a specific resume for a specific job field, also has templates, CVs, and cover letters.
  8. Resume Baking Very beautiful and amazing templates but you have to pay.
  9. Enhancv
  10. Canva


Now that we have known what a resume is and how to write one with the help of technology, you don't need to struggle much on how to do it yourself. Get what you need and write that resume stand among the crowd and get your dream job.

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Glen Bradley

Here's another Resume examples that can be very helpful. It's not just a template but also it contains some guide and tips to help you.