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How to Contribute to Open-Source Projects – A Handbook for Beginners

The open source movement champions the idea that knowledge should be accessible to all, and fosters a culture of openness, transparency, and cooperation.

Contributing to open-source has many benefits not only for those taking part in it but also the community at large.

Now, if you are just a beginner trying to get into the open-source world, you should keep in mind that you are embarking on a journey that will not only improve your technical skills but also open many doors for you and give you multiple opportunities to interact with like-minded individuals.

This beginner friendly handbook is crafted to be your companion as you begin your journey into the world of open-source. It will cover concepts that will allow a beginner like you to make your mark in the open-source world.

We will start with the fundamentals of open source, and I'll guide you through setting up your development environment, navigating open-source communities, selecting the right projects, and making your first contribution.

By the end of this guide you will be equipped with the necessary skills to become an active member of the open-source community. This is the beginning of your open source journey where you will get to continuously learn, collaborate with others, and create an impact. To get started, Read the full handbook here: Read Now.

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