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Self Service — The Key to Unlock DevOps

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Enterprises today are dedicating a lot of time and resources to ensure that the apps they build are the best version of themselves in all ways. Meanwhile, developers and IT Ops, together are trying to establish a continuous app delivery pipeline that enables effortless app deployment on demand. Yet, not all teams are able to achieve continuous delivery.

In the present day scenario, there is more pressure than ever for apps to move faster and be more agile without compromising on security or reliability which makes enterprises look for alternative approaches to software development. Apart from adopting modern app architectures, it is essential to change the workflow as well because the old methods of app development cannot be relied upon to speed up app delivery. That is why enterprises all around the world are trying to adopt the DevOps approach. DevOps is defined as the blending of the development and IT operations teams in order to enhance the app delivery process and have a continuous delivery pipeline in place. read more

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