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Michael "lampe" Lazarski
Michael "lampe" Lazarski

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๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ‘‰My top 6 talks from the third day of the #36c3 congress aka chaos communication congress 2019

What is the chaos communication congress?

The Congress offers lectures and workshops and various events on a multitude of topics including (but not limited to) information technology and generally a critical-creative attitude towards technology and the discussion about the effects of technological advances on society.

Some of the talks are in German?

Yes a lot of the talks are in German but there are translations for almost all talks in English. Some even have a French translation.
You can change the language in the settings in the bottom right of the video.


Der netzpolitische Jahresrรผckblick (the net political end-of-the-year review)

IT-Security law 2.0, State Trojan for the โ€œVerfassungschutzโ€, Upload filter and Ancillary copyright, platform regulation and Terror propaganda-regulation, and the search for Artificial intelligence in the block chain โ€“ 2019 was an eventful year in the netpolitics.

Hirne Hacken (Hacking Brains)

The overwhelming majority of the successful hacks count on the human factor. How can we design and create systems that can deal and mitigate these weak points?

Build you own Quantum Computer @ Home - 99% of discount - Hacker Style !

Quantum technologies are often only over-hyped showed as threat for cybersecurity โ€ฆ But they also offer some opportunities to enhance the cybersecurity landscape . As an example, you may know that a quantum computer will be able to break RSA keys but Quantum communication technologies can also provide a new way to exchange securely a cipher key. More, with Quantum networking technologies, communication eavesdropping are , by design, detectable and thus this could lead to some good opportunities to use them to enhance cybersecurity. Some even begins to build a Quantum internet ! We may also solve main security issues face by cloud computation (privacy, confidentiality etc) via the use of "Blind quantum computation" in the cloud.

Aus dem Schimpfwรถrterbuch der neuen Rechten (From the curse dictionary of the new right)

The talk gives an overview about derogatory and exclusionary terms that are used by right leaning and extreme right on social media and online discussions. In the terms created and used by right leaning and extreme right you can see their world view and their contempt towards strangers but also the contempt towards their own country.

The One Weird Trick SecureROM Hates

Checkm8 is an unfixable vulnerability present in hundreds of millions of iPhones' SecureROM. This is a critical component in Apple's Secure Boot model and allows security researchers and jailbreakers alike to take full control over the application processor's execution.

Boeing 737MAX: Automated Crashes

Everybody knows about the Boeing 737 MAX crashes and the type's continued grounding. I will try to give some technical background information on the causes of the crash, technical, sociological and organisational, covering pilot proficiency, botched maintenance, system design and risk assessment, as well as a deeply flawed certification processes.

On the surface of it, the accidents to two aircraft of the same type (Boeing 737 MAX), which eventually led to the suspension of airworthiness of the type, was caused by faulty data from one of the angle-of-attack sensors. This in turn led to automatic nose-down trim movements, which could not be countered effectively by the flight crew. Eventually, in both cases, the aircraft became uncontrollable and entered a steep accelerated dive into terrain, killing all people on board on impact.

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