πŸ›  7 most important things you should do on your first day at your new job! 😎

Michael "lampe" Lazarski on November 10, 2019

You aced your job interview, and after three days you got a call from the company that they would be happy if you would join their development team... [Read Full]
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The company or your colleagues do not set these expectations! They are set by you! When you join a company, you are an unwritten page, and the only person who can write on that page is you!

What? Haven't you signed an employee's agreement? It's all there. Expectations and everything.


Yeah indeed this post is full of stereotypes:

On your first day, decide what kind of guy you want to be? The 9 to 17 guy or the one who is staying longer.

There are no two different types of guys. Both are equal although you wouldn't want to be in an environment where they expect you to stay longer hours (unless there is some kind of an optional bonus scheme). In my current company, there is one where people can choose to stay longer to answer to support tickets and they will get paid extra. If you choose not to, it is just fine.

I understand the author's passion though, I was like that once. I wanted to differentiate from my colleagues and often times I would choose ways like that to do it, like staying longer just to prove that I "care more than the others". That kind of thinking is toxic though. The same author writes below Be a team player and that's the exact opposite of being a team player.


I'm a 9 am to 5 pm guy myself ;)

The point was that you will set social expectations.

No contract can handle this.

I have seen people work from 8am to 8pm o clock without any pressure from outside or get any extra bonus.

If you do that long enough you will set a standard for yourself and if you don't work as you would normal do. People will ask why and what happened ect etc.

That was my point

BTW: you can call it stereotypes or extremes. I call it making my point easier to understand. Writing about the middle default dev is kind of boring for the reader.

Thank you for clarifying, although I still don't get your point about social expectations. Yes if someone sees that you are online at 11am and working, they are probably going to ask you. What's your point?

Writing about the middle default dev is kind of boring for the reader

So what are you trying to write about if not the "middle default dev"? The 10x dev? But you are not calling that a stereotype?


I tried all of this and it worked. After 5 months, I resigned. Saying that I can't work under pressure. I was not pressured and the time I spent working there are smooth. it's just that the "Work under pressure" means you need extra hours of work without getting paid.

It's a good start to follow these tips mentioned by the author. but when you face "expectation vs reality", things will be challenging.


I understand.

These are just tips and the real world always looks different.

With this, you can try to make it better but in the end it is only so much you can do.

If the company sucks in general then you are limited and yeah changing the job can be the best solution!


By and large I agree with your article. My only point of contention is your notion about dress code. one of the reasons that the development community is not taking seriously is because we tend to dress like slobs. Hoodies blue jeans these things do not convey a professional image and therefore do not garner a professional response from our colleagues in other departments. If we want to be seen as professionals we should dress as professionals. A doctor dresses very well as does a lawyer as does an accountant. The way we look is very important and we should all be striving to improve the image of our industry and our profession



Still it highly depends on the industry you are working in.

If you work for a bank dress like a banker
If you work for a surfer dress like a surfer


Simple, well written, implement-able. πŸ’―


Some roles/companies do have expected working hours, so it is helpful to clarify that. Should you come in at 8 or 9? Is it flexible as long as I am in the office within between whatever hours? Or do I need to clock in/out at specific times?

Mistakes I have seen from teammates are rolling in wherever they want, leaving early and taking 2+ hour lunch breaks. On the first day/week too. For a variety of reasons, they did not last long.



You should not make up your own rules 🀣😊


"There is also one hack if you don't want to start the conversation. Put a bowl of sweets next to you and write free candy on it. People will come to you!"

Gonna try this!


It also works with free stickers


haha, that should also work ;)


Nice little advices.

One thing doe: "she perhaps is your future wife", don't.

There is plenty of women/men everywhere, and I would strongly advise you to keep it proffesional with your co-workers if you want a long run in a company. Not saying it's always easy to stick to this mojo doe πŸ˜….


The funny thing is that in germany it is very common to meet your wife or husband at work for the first time ;)

So yeah maybe it depends on the region your from


Bring a box of Dunkin Donuts


In Germany (or in europe general) it is not that easy to get donuts at all :D

but yeah do that ;)

How long can one person stay frustrated and do a good job?

Not very long because they will be at some point so frustrated that they just don't care anymore.

by relaxed, I mean that you can focus on your work and get it done without stressing about it.

If you think all the time that this job sucks or that you will not finish it then you are thinking about stuff that does not help and also takes away from the focus of the main goal. So yeah relaxed people that can focus on getting things done are usually in the long run better.


I start my first Software Developer job in 2 weeks and this is exactly what I needed to see!! Thank you πŸ™πŸΎ


Glad I could help :)

Have a fantastic start in 2 weeks!


like it, Speak to all your colleagues


Thanks for this! I start my very first developer job in January and was unsure of how I should/could start my first day especially as a new grad


Thank you very much :)

Hope it will help with the next job :)


So if you are stressed, frustrated and panaking you do good work?

Are you trolling?

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