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Decision of New Series

Hello Everyone, After a long time I am back on this platform again and this time I have decided to start a New Series Tech Challenges Stories.

Why I am starting this series?
On the daily basis I face new challenges while coding and that I solve using some tricks or Jugaad . That's what I want to share and discuss with everyone. What kind of tricks I am using to solve those problems or their can be a better solution of that problem which we can get to know from each other. I hope you all will help me in providing a better solution.

What kind of problems I cover in this series?

  • Problems related to coding.
  • Problems related to DevOps.
  • Problems related to Leadership and Management
  • Problems related to Architecture. In initial phase we will start more from coding and DevOps.

If you want me to cover any other topics too then do let me know in comment box.

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