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Online Editors (codesandbox is my best)

I'm a junior developer from Uganda and I am so enthusiastic about learning new skills, technologies and applying them to solve problems.
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In this lockdown, I've committed to a lot of projects and I feel I have worked on none of them - sad right 😢!!!

Well, I redeemed myself in some voluntary online lessons I'm carrying on with a team and it has @chrosbie (her account, twitter handle) and other facilitators.
Last Saturday I led a class on Introduction to HTML and I believe it was a success(hopefully). Later in the week, I set some exercises for my students.

As any good teacher would be, I had to go through the assignments I gave my students and one of them was using online editors like codesandbox, codepen,Glitch,jsfiddle etc

So I went through the different online editors and so far, codesandbox is my best, WHY???
It is because of the following reasons:-

  • You can create any project be it a static page(HTML) / Vanilla js or in any framework, cool right 👍!!!
  • Can create a Github repo (Export to GitHub), yes, without leaving the site but doing it codesandbox itself.
  • Can import an existing GitHub repo.
  • Can still create Github pages, oh this is so cool 😊.
  • Then you can commit changes to your repo, create a pull request(PR).
  • Can go live - create a live session and share the link with your colleagues.
  • Can publish your project to Netlify - Oh yes, this is the super coolest 😃 feature for me.

Feel free to checkout my codesandbox projects on Lailah Grant , my GitHub repo on my W3 schools recap, my GitHub Page on my W3 schools recap

Go check codesandbox out, discover/explore cool features by yourself and it will be the best experience ever. 😀

Thanks for your time, stay safe, social distance and wash your hands

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hugogeorget profile image

I learned about Gitpod.
It gives you access to a VSCode instance in the cloud !

It has several restrictions though (see pricing).

You can try it for free if you want a taste of what GitHub Codespaces are going to be !

lailahgrant profile image
lailahgrant Author

Wow thanks for sharing, I am surely going to check it out... 🥳🥳🥳

madza profile image

codesandbox is my go-to, for quicker access jsbin is my choice

lailahgrant profile image
lailahgrant Author

Wow 😮

jadamoureen profile image
Moureen Caroline

Love the summary of your post, straight to the point

lailahgrant profile image
lailahgrant Author

Thanks dear... Thanks for your time