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L0WK3Y | I.A.A.N
L0WK3Y | I.A.A.N

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IAANSEC - BrickRoll (Official Write Up)

Witness the Rick Astley Experience NOW!

Developed by L0WK3Y


"Odd, I clicked on the Rick Astley Simulator icon but it didn't.... Wait...OH MY GOD MY EARS!!!"

In this IAANSEC CTF you will be tasked with analyzing the Rick Astley Experience binary. This room will test your cryptography, stenography and malware analysis skills. Have fun and good luck!

(Quick note, majority of flags are Rick Roll lyrics and are separated with an underscore "_". Lastly I HIGHLY recommend using Procmon to solve this CTF)


Task 1: The Rick Astley Experience

Where is that God awful music coming from?


What happened to my wallpaper?


What is the name of the program causing havoc?


What file is created when the executable is ran without internet access?


What is the key to decode the sus.txt flag?

(It was in the directory of the first flag)


What is the sus.txt flag?

(I recommend using to solve this flag, don't forget the underscores!)


I hate getting into arguments...

(Decode the base64 for the flag)


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