My macOS Dev Env Tools

Kyle Boe on June 07, 2019

In no particular order, listed below are the tools I use on a daily basis to write code and be productive. If you have strong opinions about why X ... [Read Full]
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I can't believe I'm only just discovering Dash now. What a seriously amazing tool, thank you so much for the informative article.

I'll likely give Notion a try, but I've been using Evernote for years.

Dash for macOS


If you like Dash check out DevDocs. It's in-browser, but works offline. No snippets, but I use VS Code, so snippet support built-in there. πŸ˜‰


I do strongly prefer the convenience of a desktop application, but bookmarking this for whenever I'm on the go, or working on Linux. Thanks for sharing!


I plan to switch to Notion as well, but I've recently paid a full year of Evernote so... next year hahaha


They actually have a tool to directly import from Evernote! Might be worth giving that a try to at least test it out.


+1 for Notion. It was a game changer for me in how I organize my thoughts, plan for house projects, whiteboard apps, etc etc etc.


I'm the exact opposite. I feel like there are TOO many options, and I get stuck on how I'm supposed to jot down and organize what I want, and never end up doing it. I need something more simple I guess.


I would start with the basics. Just use Notion in the same manner you do other apps. Use a page for notes, a page with checkboxes for a daily todo list. Build and incorporate more advanced features from there.

Meh I think WorkFlowy or stuff like that is more for me. Thanks for the attempt though!


i was loving notion, then their support engineers reached out to me and told me i was using it wrong (too many blocks) so i moved everything to evernote Β―_(ツ)_/Β―


Another +1 for Notion. In addition to the app itself, they have the best ever CS. I have pushed them around with dozens of feature suggestions. Their dev team must hate me.
Thank you so much for recommending Spectacle. The absent of window move/resize shortcut has been my only complain with macOS, but I didn't think to find an app for that.


Hey !

First comment on dev.to, your article is great ! Just received my 16" MacBookPro, gonna use thoses informations to set up my dev environment (I'm coming from Linux so I'm kinda lost at the moment to be honest :D).

I just love Notion, discovered it a few months back, it's awesome


+1 for Bear.

I like that it has webpage content import and syncs across macOS/iOS.

I remember evaluating Notion, but felt it had more stuff than I need; I use Todoist for keeping lists and syncing them w/ my wife.


Personally, I try and keep my hands on the keyboard as much as possible (without moving to a mouse or trackpad). For that Spectacle gives me all the control I need. Swish’s UI is very clean though.


Fair comment! Yes if you're just using the keyboard then Swish isn't for you. Great post, I use mostly identical tools to you, must be a good sign

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