I created a package to mock schema.graphql with one command

kuskoman profile image kuskoman ・1 min read

npm: https://www.npmjs.com/package/fast-graphql-mock
github: https://github.com/kuskoman/fast-graphql-mock

Install (globally):
npm: npm i fast-graphql-mock -g
yarn yarn global add fast-graphql-mock

It's a very simple library (with quite a lot of dependencies...) for creating mock graphql mock server using one command.



possible flags:
-f file, if name is different than schema.graphql
-p port, default is 4000

Running the library in a directory with schema file should run apollo server with playground.

This library has been there for a while, but I decided to advertise it a little bit since I think it can be usefull to all frontend devs using graphql

I will be really grateful for all bug reports.


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