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Tech Interview: Job oriented resume/CV

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Applicants often make a very generic resume which is usually "copied" from seniors/batch mates/templates. They mention each and every skill they can think of, not considering if that can be helpful or not. For example, mentioning "MS-Word" while applying for "Android Developer" job. This mistake is commonly committed by freshers as their limited skills and experience are not sufficient to fill up the page (more tips in next post). And people, with multiple skills, end up mentioning each of them! This "variety" is more of a distraction for a recruiter reviewing the resume.


One's resume has to have an orientation, i.e. it should be "Job Specific", not generic. Remove all the technical skills if you are applying for non-technical job and vice versa. Mention them in your interests, if needed. Keep separate versions of resume for every kind of job you are applying for. Don't mix them. You probably won't be rejected if you lack an unwanted skill.


When I was applying for jobs in my final year, my 3 versions were for "UI Developer", "Software Developer" and "Front End Developer", each of them slightly different from the rest. This demonstrated specialization in better way.

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