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Top AI Pair Programmers in 2023

TL;DR πŸ”₯

In this article you will learn about the top AI pair programmers for vs code which developers are loving the most

  • We will consider the pros and cons of using AI coding assistants
  • We will go though each and every AI coding assistants and check for features they are offering 🀩


Intellicode πŸ€– is a VS Code extension by Microsoft, with over 3.3M downloads. It uses machine learning for code completion πŸ’‘. It works well with Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSX, and TXS. It also shows real-world implementations from GitHub 🌎.


Gthub Copilot
GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered coding assistant by GitHub. It has over 8.9 million downloads and is used by engineers at Shopify, Stripe, and Duolingo. It is trained on billions of lines of code. Since GitHub is a treasury of millions of repositories, I believe Copilot is one of the most efficient coding assistants. It supports a dozen languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, Golang, etc.

Your AI pair programmer. Get Code Suggestions in real-time, right in your IDE


Tabnine is an AI-powered coding assistant with 6.1 million downloads on the VS Code marketplace. It helps developers code 10x faster and is used by developers from Samsung, Accenture, and LG. It is also supported in IDEs other than VS Code, such as IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, Sublime Text, Rider, WebStorm, AppCode, Vim, PhpStorm, Eclipse, RubyMine, DataGrip, Neovim, Jupyter Notebook, JupyterLab, Emacs, GoLand, CLion, Android Studio, and Visual Studio. It supports most programming languages.
Tabnine: AI Autocomplete & Chat for Javascript, Python, Typescript, PHP, Go, Java & more

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer
Code Whishperer is a AI powered coding assitant made by Amazon. It has over 1.6 millon downloads on vscode marketplace. It supports langugages lik Java, Python , Javascript , TypeScript ,etc and is supported in other ides like jetBrains IDEs for Python, Java, and JavaScript and AWS Cloud9, AWS Lambda console, and Amazon SageMaker Studio.

BalckBox AI

Blackbox AI is an AI coding assistant available in the VS Code Extensions Marketplace with over 1.3 million downloads. It provides features such as AI-powered code chat, AI-powered README generator, AI code completion, and AI-generated commit messages. It supports most programming languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, and Python.
Blackbox AI Code Generation, Code Chat, Code Search


Codium is a free, AI-powered coding assistant that provides AI-powered autocompletion, chat assistance, and code search ability in over 70 programming languages. It has over 289,000+ downloads on the VS Code Marketplace. Its key features include:

  1. Use of natural language processing
  2. Minimizing coding boilerplate
  3. AI-powered code comments
  4. Generation of unit tests
  5. Code explanation
  6. Refactoring
  7. Code translation, and more

Codeium: AI Coding Autocomplete and Chat for Python, Javascript, Typescript, Java, Go, and more

##Bito AI Code Assistant
Bito is a powerful AI coding assistant used by over 100,000 developers from top companies around the world, such as Amazon, Meta, and Google. It has over 280,000 downloads on the Visual Studio Code marketplace. Its key features include understanding codebases and providing solutions based on the codebase, AI-powered code generation, custom prompt templates, support for over 20 languages, code refactoring, and chat session history.
Understanding codebases and providing solutions based on the codebase: Bito AI can analyze codebases to identify potential issues, such as bugs, code smells, and anti-patterns. It can also provide suggestions for refactoring and improving code quality.

  1. AI-powered code generation
  2. Custom prompt templates
  3. Support for over 20 languages
  4. Code refactoring
  5. Chat session history

ChatGPT GPT-4 - Bito AI Code Assistant

Pros of using AI-powered coding assistants:

Improved productivity: AI-powered coding assistants can automate many repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as writing boilerplate code, generating test cases, and refactoring code. This can free up developers to focus on more creative and challenging work.
Improved accuracy: AI-powered coding assistants can help developers to write more accurate code by identifying potential errors and suggesting corrections. They can also help developers to adhere to best practices and coding standards.
Increased accessibility: AI-powered coding assistants can make coding more accessible to people with limited coding experience. They can also help developers to learn new programming languages and technologies more quickly.
Enhanced collaboration: AI-powered coding assistants can help developers to collaborate more effectively by providing a shared platform for code generation, debugging, and review.

Cons of using AI-powered coding assistants:

Limited creativity: AI-powered coding assistants are not yet able to generate truly creative or innovative code. They are generally limited to generating code that is based on existing patterns and examples.
Potential for errors: While AI-powered coding assistants can help to improve the accuracy of code, they are not perfect. They can still make mistakes, especially when generating complex code.
Security and privacy concerns: AI-powered coding assistants typically need access to a developer's codebase in order to generate code and provide suggestions. This raises potential security and privacy concerns.
Overreliance on AI: There is a risk that developers may become over reliant on AI-powered coding assistants. This could lead to a decline in developers' coding skills and knowledge.


AI is no longer the future, it is our present πŸ€–. AI is a game-changer for increasing productivity and providing effective solutions quickly, but it is important to always verify the solutions provided πŸ”.

Make sure to check out the coding assistants and follow my dev blog for more articles like this! πŸ“š The grammatical errors of this article were corrected by AI πŸ€–, but if I missed anything, please let me know in the comments πŸ’¬.

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