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Remote work, experiences and some ideas

Maximizing Productivity and Enjoyment While Working Remotely

Working remotely offers enticing benefits such as freedom and a better work-life balance. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many individuals, including myself, had the opportunity to experience remote work firsthand. However, transitioning back to the office revealed varying sentiments among colleagues—some struggled to adapt, while others found it manageable. Personally, I appreciated the flexibility remote work provided but missed the spontaneous interactions and camaraderie of the office environment.

Tips for Maintaining Focus and Well-being While Working Online

  1. Maintain a Healthy Routine:

    • Incorporate regular breaks and outdoor activities to prevent cabin fever.
    • Make time for social interactions, whether virtual or in-person, to foster a sense of connection.
  2. Prioritize Physical Health:

    • Dedicate time for exercise to boost energy levels and combat sedentary habits.
  3. Continuous Learning and Growth:

    • Leverage the enhanced focus provided by remote work to pursue personal development and expand skill sets.

Exploring Opportunities and Resources for Remote Work

Despite the challenges, remote work opens doors to diverse experiences, especially when coupled with intentional time management and travel. In my quest for new opportunities, I discovered several platforms tailored for remote job seekers:

Leveraging Remote Work Tools for Enhanced Productivity

Effective utilization of remote work tools can significantly enhance productivity and collaboration. Whether you're a software developer or engaged in other remote work, leveraging the right tools is crucial. Here are some recommendations:


  • Slack: A versatile platform for team communication, organizing channels, and fostering collaboration.

  • Loom: Ideal for creating instructional videos and sharing visual explanations seamlessly.

  • Zoom: Reliable for video conferencing and virtual meetings, offering a user-friendly interface.

Task Management

  • Todoist: Simplifies task organization and prioritization, enabling efficient workflow management.

  • Trello: Facilitates collaborative project management with customizable boards and task lists.

Note-taking and Documentation

  • Evernote: A robust note-taking app suitable for organizing information across devices effortlessly.

  • Notion: Combines note-taking, task management, and collaboration features in a comprehensive workspace.

  • Roam Research: Offers innovative note-taking capabilities with bi-directional linking for interconnected ideas.


  • GitHub: Essential for version control, code collaboration, and software development workflow management.

  • Visual Studio Code: A lightweight yet powerful code editor with extensive customization options and plugin support.

  • Jira: Enables agile project management and issue tracking, particularly useful for software development teams.


  • Photoshop / GIMP: Industry-standard tools for image editing and graphic design tasks.

  • Markup Hero: Streamlines communication by adding annotations and explanations to images and screenshots.

  • Canva: User-friendly graphic design platform for creating various visual content effortlessly.


  • NordVPN: Ensures secure remote access by encrypting internet traffic and protecting sensitive data.

  • LastPass: Simplifies password management and enhances security with encrypted storage and auto-fill features.


  • FreshBooks: Simplifies invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting for freelancers and small businesses.

  • TransferWise: Facilitates international money transfers and currency exchange with low fees and real exchange rates.

Time Tracking

  • RescueTime: Automatic time-tracking software that provides insights into productivity and time utilization.


  • Google Drive: Offers cloud storage and collaboration tools for storing and sharing files securely.

  • Zapier: Automates repetitive tasks by creating seamless integrations between different apps and services.

By leveraging these remote work tools effectively, individuals can streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and maximize productivity in virtual work environments.

This Markdown file provides an organized structure with additional sections covering tips for remote work, resources for remote job seekers, and a comprehensive list of recommended remote work tools for various aspects of productivity and collaboration. Hope it's useful for someone else!

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fpaghar profile image
Fatemeh Paghar

This comprehensive guide on maximizing productivity in remote work is a goldmine of valuable insights! The tips for maintaining focus and well-being, exploration of remote job platforms, and the extensive list of recommended tools cover all facets of the remote work experience. The detailed explanations and thoughtful organization make this Markdown file a go-to resource for anyone navigating the remote work landscape. Kudos for sharing this wealth of knowledge – it's sure to benefit many in their remote work journey!

krlz profile image

Hey, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. It's a long road for remote workers, but it's survivable :)

ingosteinke profile image
Ingo Steinke

What would that guy in the photo do when children sprinkle salty sea water over his laptop? Or when his battery runs out? Don't assume you will have wi-fi or electricity everywhere or silence and a place to focus when working where others holiday.

krlz profile image

It depends on the beach, the season, and how far you are from your room, especially in places like Algarrobo, Chile, which offer coworking areas and are not as overwhelmingly expensive as some might think. But seriously, it's not always as pictured, at least not while working. However, it's totally fair on your breaks if you are working remotely in a nice place. I usually take my laptop outside during my breaks just to read some stuff or chat with family or friends.

remotewlb profile image
RemoteWLB • Edited

Thanks for Sharing, I made a GitHub project to collect remote jobs, Update daily. Give me a star⭐ if it's useful for remote job seeker!
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wjmzqsb profile image

Nice job!

thebuildguy profile image
Tulsi Prasad

Thanks for the toolkits, really useful!

One thing I'd like to add is, how important it is to set clear boundaries between work and life, as we're already WFH, the boundaries can be hazy sometimes.

krlz profile image

That's true. When I was starting to work in general, I was always trying to provide the best value, sometimes sacrificing my own free time. That is always a mistake. I'm glad you liked it.

vashnavichauhan18 profile image

wow, thanks for sharing really useful

krlz profile image

Thank you for the support, glad it was useful to you

hmksdh3213 profile image
Ahamd hassan

I also want to include Obsidian in the list of tools for taking notes and documenting. Fantastic lists!

strivemegacy profile image

and writing pseudo codes

oneshareperights profile image

Why do you people continue im turning all of this is and you guys better quit coming onto my property

reenatoteixeira profile image
Renato Teixeira

interesting article, looks like a toolbox! thanks for sharing :D

krlz profile image
krlz • Edited

Glad to share!

livreprogramacao profile image
LP - Fábio Santos Almeida

Well done!

I am a java developer looking for a first partial remote job?
Someone could give me some tips, about how to got this.

aidanldev profile image

Couldn't agree more with these 3 points:

  1. Maintain a Healthy Routine
  2. Prioritize Physical Health
  3. Dedicate time for exercise to boost energy levels and combat sedentary habits.
boby900 profile image
Boby Tiwari


parambirje profile image
Param Birje

Amazing resources and opportunities, thank you Carlos!

richedev profile image

I wouldn't recommend LastPass anymore. It's had numerous security breaches over the years. I've been using a self-hosted instance of Bitwarden, and it's been great so far.

devella profile image
Daniella Elsie E.

Thanks for sharing this article, so insightful

krlz profile image

Thank you for the support :)

comedyrotten profile image
Reuben J. Sonnenberg

I would also like to add Obsidian to the list of note taking and documentation tools. Excellent lists!

krlz profile image

Great thanks for sharing as well

tamby profile image

Merci, C'est vraiment intéressant.

krlz profile image

De rien, je suis content que ça vous plaise!

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