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Big IT Conference in Chile, 'Nerdearla,' join it's free!

Nerdearla conferences are big, free events all about science and technology. They're organized by Nerdearla and have been happening since 2014. At these conferences, you can go in person or join online. You'll find cool stuff like working together, chatting live, listening to talks, attending workshops, and meeting experts in the field.

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I discovered Nerdearla only this year, and so far, it's been truly interesting to pay attention to. It started on April 11 and will finish on Saturday, the 13th. If you happen to be in Santiago, please share in the comments what you think about it.

On its first day, all conferences were online, and they were fully recorded and published on their YouTube channel at This is a good opportunity to catch up on the topics. Most of them are in Spanish, but some in English were really good. I particularly recommend these two from the English speakers at the conference:

xz/liblzma backdoor Bash obfuscation explained

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This talk delves into the malicious code injected into the Linux Kernel a few weeks ago. The approach is interesting because an expert in security actually demonstrates with code how to exploit this. It's quite creepy indeed.

OpenTofu Community Q&A

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This session offers more news and opportunities to contribute to Open Tofu, the fork from Terraform. Not long ago, there was a change in license to BSL, leaving a bunch of developers in tears and anger! But hey, we can always have these nice fork projects rise from the ashes!

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There were plenty of other conferences and workshops, and what is also important for some developers, some nice work opportunities in the country with a faster channel of communication with some companies and their current job postings.

I hope you can also enjoy this!

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