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Kristiyan Velkov
Kristiyan Velkov

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React 18 Snippets - I need your help ❤️

Hello, folks.

I'm thrilled to announce that I've developed a fantastic new VS Code extension called React 18 Snippets. It's designed to greatly enhance your productivity and save you valuable time.❤️

I saw many snippets for React, but they don't support new features in React 18, so I decide to create my own and to share it to the public.

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This VS code extension is for you guys. Please, support! ❤️

So, to be able to improve the extension, please:

  1. Download it from VS code workspace Link or directly in VS code. 😊
  2. If you find something that can be improved, comment here.💪
  3. If you want to join as a contributor, please contact me.🔥

Don't forget to add a review if you like the extension LINK

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List of snippets for React JS version 18

Snippet Renders
ri Import React
ridom Import ReactDOM
riustate Import React, { useState }
riustateueffect Import React, { useState, useEffect }
riprototype Import PropTypes
rfc Functional Component
rafc Arrow Functional Component
rcustomhook Custom Hook
racustomhook Custom Hook (Arrow)
rueffect useEffect Hook
rustate useState Hook
rucontext useContext Hook
ruref useRef Hook
rumemo useMemo Hook
rucallback useCallback Hook
rudebugvalue useDebugValue Hook
rudeferredvalue useDeferredValue Hook
ruid useId Hook
rulayouteffect useLayoutEffect Hook
rureducer useReducer Hook
rutransition useTransition Hook
rrender render
rfragment Fragment
rfragmentkey Fragment with key prop
rprofiler Profiler
rstrict StrictMode
rsuspense Suspense
rforwardref forwardRef
rlazy lazy
rstartTransition startTransition
rmemo memo
rroot Create Root
rhandle handle function
rahandle handle arrow function
rcontextprovider Context Provider

Developer Support:❤️

  • If you saw some issue/bug 🐛 related to the specific release version.
  • If you want some new feature or change to be added/implemented. 😊

Please, contact the creator of the React 18 Snippets, so he will be able to fix or improve it:

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Support my work

If you like my work and want to support me to work hard, please donate via:

Revolut website payment or use the QR code above.

Thanks a bunch for supporting me! It means a LOT 😍

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