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Krishna Sarathi Ghosh
Krishna Sarathi Ghosh

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Discover Create Your Own Intelligent Bots for Free šŸš€šŸ¤–


These days, most NLP stuff for development are either paid or have limited access. So last night I was working on a project, and I needed something like an NLP for my program. I casually started to browse the internet in search of such an NLP as a service, and I found by Meta. This post will provide a quick skim of what I know about it, trying to share the knowledge among my fellow developers!

What is all this stuff?

So is a powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform, which enables you to create Natural Language Experiences, like chatbots or voice assistants for your projects, business, startup, company, whatever! Most importantly, it's free and open source. It is an alternative to DialogFlow by Google.
It is a natural language interface capable of turning users' sentences into structured data. homepage

How does work? works with Intents and Entities:

  • Intents: They represent the overall meaning or message of the sentence. For example, if a user asks for the price of some product, the intent can be "priceOfProduct"
  • Entities: They provide additional information and context based on the user's message. They can be a word or a group of words referring to some specific information.

Intents and Entities

Developers can teach the bot by providing example sentences, and the bot learns and improves with each interaction

There are a bunch of free resources online where you can learn more about how to use, and I'll be dropping some links at the end of this article.

Using with your programs provides API endpoints for several tasks, and you can use those to integrate them with your app or program.

Additional Links to Learn More šŸš€: Official Documentation and Tutorials
An Informative Hands On Playlist On NLP chatbots and
Basic Tutorial For Using

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Jawad Dheini

Interesting. Thanks for the info.

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Krishna Sarathi Ghosh

Thank you! Iā€™m glad you found it interesting.