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DAY 3:-Exclusive content from WHO API & web-monetization

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Hello to all,we are working on this project since 20 MAY for few hours a day so this the second last article for our hackathon project next one is our final submission for hackathon project.

Note: For tuning in to this article, please read the first-day/second-day article of this series so you can catch up and be part of our journey.
Let's begin.
So hally fetched news from API and i resolved some bugs in that ExclusiveContent.jsx file and i pushed my changes there and hally able to get news title content and links also and hally did styling also mostly work is done by hally.
Check view how news looks/works that we get from WHO API🔽
Second Part

Now last thing remaining is web-wallet and then we are going to deploy our final project submission. thank you guys all the best to all have a good days .😊👋


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