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re: Some bold statements about Firefox being "the best", but as far as I see this is mainly "opinion based", not fact-based: Firefox is the best choic...

windows version 1909 (OS build 18363.900)
for checking facts read the whole article and then give a read⤵
Opensource Directory of Mozilla Firefox
Firefox Github Codebase
Comparison of Mozilla Firefox and Chrome
Here I go with my minimalistic setup


Cool, thanks ... this is what I mean, it's not 100% guaranteed to perform better on let's say Linux, OSX and so on. Besides, performance is a moving target, with the next version of Chrome and FF things could be different again.

I think what's more important is that having a CHOICE and an alternative is a good thing - it wouldn't be good if Chrome would 100% dominate the browser market.

It does perform better than chrome (by quite a margin) on Linux, and Chrome crashes often there.

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