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Some bold statements about Firefox being "the best", but as far as I see this is mainly "opinion based", not fact-based:

Firefox is the best choice for both web developers and their viewers, because it offers the most reliable performance, even with many tabs open (it takes less RAM and CPU usage compare to the chrome according to my 2 years of experience with firefox and many forums also agree that😊)

Numbers and facts to back this up? On which OS, on which hardware, etc?


Windows 10. 12 RAM.
Mac Catalina 8 GB RAM. 3.5 GHz.

Firefox is superior in both for me.


windows version 1909 (OS build 18363.900)
for checking facts read the whole article and then give a read⤵
Opensource Directory of Mozilla Firefox
Firefox Github Codebase
Comparison of Mozilla Firefox and Chrome
Here I go with my minimalistic setup


Cool, thanks ... this is what I mean, it's not 100% guaranteed to perform better on let's say Linux, OSX and so on. Besides, performance is a moving target, with the next version of Chrome and FF things could be different again.

I think what's more important is that having a CHOICE and an alternative is a good thing - it wouldn't be good if Chrome would 100% dominate the browser market.

It does perform better than chrome (by quite a margin) on Linux, and Chrome crashes often there.

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