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Top 5 React Native Ubereats clone template 2020

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There is no denying that the food ordering and delivery business has sky-rocketed in the present time. Due to this ongoing 2020 Covid-19 global pandemic, more and more businesses involving food are opting towards delivery through online orders. Hence, the demand for many UberEats clone app templates has increased. This does not only involve food but also other products such as medicine, groceries, etc. To meet their demands, there are many states of the art, full-fledged, powerful UberEats clone app templates already available in the market which provide modern and intuitive UI/UX along with robust and dynamic features.

Now, there may be confusion between which one is the best or which one to choose for your next food ordering and delivery app. Well, this article provides solutions to this issue by delivering 5 best premium UberEats clone app templates in the market fully equipped to satisfy your needs for a food ordering and delivery app:

1. React Native UberEats Clone Full App

If you are looking for the best UberEats clone app template in the market with state of the art features and UI screens then this is it. This UberEats clone template offered by not only provides a single UberEats clone app template package but also the delivery boy app and Restaurant dashboard app. You are basically getting 3 apps in a single app template. The template is fully built using React Native. Hence, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. It offers powerful backend features integrating Firebase services along with Stripe payment configurations. The UI interface is simply amazing with intuitive and modern design elements. The design is excellent with a modular codebase with high customizable interfaces and features. Excellent UberEats clone app template for those looking to get started in their food ordering and delivery business. Do not miss this out as it is available in the market for 499 USD with a package of 3-in-1 app template.

2. React Native Food Delivery Theme

Another great if not the best UberEats clone app provided by NativeBase called React Native Food Delivery theme. This template package also offers 3 app templates for delivery, end-user, and admin dashboard. With this UberEats clone app template, we can build our own Food ordering and delivery app. This template offers fully customizable, ready-to-use screens for users with an easily configurable application design. The template is built entirely using React Native and its dependencies. The UI designs for each screen looks modern and intuitive. The authentications such as OTP verification and Phone verification login are the stand out features. The codebase also features TypeScript support. This template houses everything you need in a food delivery app. It is available in the market for 200 USD.

3. FoodTiger – Food Delivery ReactNative

The FoodTiger, food delivery app template houses a powerful PHP written food delivery app script based on Laravel. However, the entire app is built using the React Native ecosystem made compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The UI screens look simple and intuitive with state of the art features required in a food delivery app. Some of the highlight features that this template has in the offer are live order tracking, push notification with OneSignal, Stripe payment gateway integration, Time slots for ordering, etc. With all of these thought-about features and awesome UI screens, this template is available in the market for just 59 USD.

4. Delivery Person for Food

Well, this UberEats clone template offered by Codecanyon is basically made for all kinds of delivery apps. This UberEats clone template actually interprets into a WordPress Woocommerce app specializing in the delivery features. The template can be built into any kind of delivery app such as food, pharmacy, grocery, etc. It templates in fact supports multi-language interface with Google maps integrated. Built entirely using React Native with WordPress API, this can be a ready-made app for both Android and iOS platforms. It houses modern features such as dark mode, push notifications, and an intuitive User interface with amazing UX. This template is available in the market for just 45 USD.

5. Jungleworks UberEats Clone

Last but not least is the UberEats clone script by Yelo provided on the JungleWorks platform. The template offered helps to create Restaurant apps as well as websites resembling UberEats. The templates offer screens and features for Restaurant profile, categorical search, App wallet, customer support, etc. It houses the delivery feature dashboard with instant order notifications, route optimization, and commission tracking report. The template also facilitates the Admin dashboard for marketing management. The features like analytical sales report, payment integration, and tracking are optimized with different screen views for efficiency and scalability. Overall, this is a full-fledged app service providing the UberEats clone app templates with heavy-weight features and UI screens.


Well, the UberEats clone app scripts and templates are not only limited to these. These are some refined premium ones. You can find a lot of UberEats clone app templates that are available freely as well. It is not logical to define which ones are the best as it really depends on what you are looking for in an app. The aim of this article is to present to you some of the best UberEats clone template available in the market so that you will be able to compare and contrast them in order to select the best one suited for your needs. They are all capable of developing into a fully equipped food ordering and delivery app. Hence, comparing the UI screens designs, user experience, features is the sole purpose of this article so that it would easy for you to decide on which one makes your eyes glow.

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