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kris profile image kris ・1 min read

Have anyone register .dev
showcase your .dev


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I adore your posts section with the hover color <3


Thank you! I had a few iterations of it but that is the one I liked the most. I got kinda addicted to the gradient hover animation 🙂


Nothing exciting to show here (kovah.dev just points to my portfolio), but I am sad that the prices for premium .dev domains are so damn high. Had two other domains I wanted to register but I won't pay 250 bucks for each of them if the normal price is $14...


Depends where you buy it through. I'm in Australia and my registrar sells it for $19AUD/Year - I only recently found out it was a premium domain.


You have a typo on your sidebar (SuBscribe to Newsletter).


Thanks, english is not my first language and I am using the blog to improve my writing. Thanks

I wish you the best of luck.


Vacations.dev my favorite thing in life,
Joshleong.dev my full name,
hire.thisfrontend.dev my job hunt is starting
A lot of work ahead on these projects :)