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4 Best React Native Food Delivery App Template for 2020

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React Native is one of the most popular mobile application frameworks, and not without reason. Ease of use, modular nature, and a unique code base are a blessing for mobile application developers.

Food Delivery is a component-based application model for React Native. The source code is written in JavaScript and the final application can be created for the Android and iOS platforms.

For the convenience of my readers, I have compiled a list of the Best 4 Food Delivery App Templates.

1.React Native Food Delivery App Template

A food ordering app like Ubereats is smaller about one company running the business and more about clients and co-workers. There are two apps, one is for customers and another for delivery personnel. Like any other on-demand service applications, the clients in these apps place the order and get the products (Food) delivered at their doorstep.

Food Delivery App Template
Food Delivery App Template

Here are the significant features that establish the work-process of food ordering apps similar to Ubereats:

Registration: That’s the first step before examining any application. You can allow logins via Google, Facebook or other social media profiles.

Search: Now here comes the real investigation. Search about restaurants, their reviews, and dishes along with a short description.

Order placing: Like other purchasing apps, the item you like can be added into the cart.

Order checkout: it involves the selected items and the total amount that is to be paid. This is the most crucial point of food-ordering app development. This has to perfect and preferably a one-page checkout to avoid wasting potential buyers.

Payment: The payment is usually allowed through a built-in payment gateway.

Notifications: Today is the era of push notifications. You can suggest your customers about the placed order and its delivery by sending SMS 0 notifications.

Showcase your restaurant onto both App Store and Play Store, to boost sales, by using this complete food delivery restaurant app template, written in React Native. Impress your hungry customers with a seamless native food ordering experience, that will enhance their support to you.

React Native Food Delivery App Template

2.Eatance Driver: The Food Delivery and Driver APP

Eatance Driver: Food Delivery
Eatance Driver: Food Delivery

Eatance Driver React is a native mobile application design that restaurateurs can use to manage their daily selection/delivery work. Its application, its pilots, its restaurants and its simplest customers are always on the same page. The driver will be informed of all orders placed.

There are many features of Eatance Driver App following:

  • Simple to use app
  • Location-based restaurants list display
  • The driver will receive notifications for all orders
  • Trace driver’s real-time location
  • Capture driver earnings

Eatance Driver: The Food Delivery and Driver APP

3.Aahar — Food Delivery App — React Native Template for Android & IOS

Aahar - Food Delivery App
Aahar — Food Delivery App

Free download Eatance Driver: The Food Delivery and Driver APP Nulled. This item was published on and sold by author evince_dev. But you can download Eatance Driver: The Food Delivery and Driver APP completely free from here. It is also nulled by us to make sure there are no license check.

Eatance Driver is a mobile application design in a react native framework that can be used by restaurant owner to manage their daily pickup/delivery task. lets simple sophisticated app where driver, restaurant, and customer always on same page. Driver will be notified for all orders placed .user can track his order in real-time.

There are many features of Aahar — Food Delivery App following

  • Built on React Native — CLI — Supports both IOS & Android
  • Uses React Native Paper for basic components
  • Uses React Navigation for navigating between screens
  • 20+ Page and Components

Aahar — Food Delivery App -Android & IOS

4.Enatega React Native Food Delivery With Backend

Enatega React Native Food Delivery
Enatega React Native Food Delivery

A perfect starter kit for food ordering app built using React Native, Expo for iOS & Android. The product is available with all necessary screens, components for food ordering apps just like FoodPanda, UberEats, Swiggy, GrubHub, Deliveroo, JustEat, DoorDash.

Step to Create an account on Enatega food delivery App following screenshots and enjoy the food delivery any place you want

Note: This is an Expo based app.

Enatega React Native Food Delivery With Backend


I hope this article served as a guide for making a food-ordering app as UberEats developed. If your planning and doing are right then your app can even beat the other popular apps. Attracting the public of apps like Ubereats will not be an impossible thing for you.

If you find any kind of difficulty at the planning level, you can consult with a renowned mobile app development company. They can guide the right path and choice of features. All the luck and strength to newcomers trying this idea for the first time.

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