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3 Cool React Native Shopify Template for 2020

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Owning a Shopify website or mobile application has been a growing trend in the modern world which is a result of customer attraction towards digital or online marketing. Modern world citizen spends more time with their mobile, this is one of the reasons mobile applications have been encouraged for Sellers, Customers and App developers. The need for React Native for app development started to increase as a result of the increase in mobile app development.

React Native is an open-source JavaScript mobile application framework created by Facebook, which will enable mobile application developers to use native platform capabilities with react. This framework is used in the development of cross-platform mobile apps like Android, iOS, Web, and UWP.

However, Native React is difficult as a beginner, especially when you are a novice to App developments. Fortunately, with the help of vast community of Native React users, many tools have been put together that can make the journey easier. These tools are referred to using different names such as: Starter Kits, Boilerplates, Toolkits, or Templates.

The Reactive Native Shopify Template is among the numerous templates out there to make your journey as a mobile app developer easier. Here are 3 Cool React Native Shopify Templates for 2020, specially prepared for you.

1. React Native Shopify Template

Do you own a Shopify store or you run a Shopify business? Then NOW is the right time to boost you sales and business opportunities by launching a native mobile app to the App Store (iOS) and Google PlayStore (Android). Do you care for your health, then you need to own React Native Shopify template, you can launch a mobile app for your Shopify store today, without headaches or hiccups. You will:

  • Save 3 months of design & development

  • Save thousands of dollars

  • Save energy & hard work

  • Don’t bother failing with hiring designers, developers, freelancers, etc.

Convert any Shopify store into a mobile native app to stay ahead of your competition, by moving fast. Our React Native Shopify template provides you with the perfect project boilerplate to ship your mobile apps to the app stores in no time and effortlessly.

By extending your customer audience to smartphone users, via a native app, you’ll be boosting your business, since:

  • People work more on their mobiles

  • Customers who install your app order 8x more!

  • You improve customer retention with Push Notifications

  • You build a loyal customer base

  • You enhance your brand’s authority

Cool Features of React Native Shopify

Shopping Experience

  • Shopping Cart — “Add to Cart” functionality

  • Featured Categories

  • Featured Products

  • Collections

  • Products List

  • Single Product Details View with Inline Checkout

Checkout Experience

  • Increase Product Quantity

  • Remove from Cart

  • Color Picker

  • Size Picker

  • Total Price

  • Place Order

  • Stripe Payments

  • Android Pay

  • Apple Pay

Push Notifications




  • Reorder functionality

  • Reorder functionality

  • Orders are added to WooCommerce

Customer Management

  • Registration with E-mail & Password

  • Login with Facebook

  • Login with E-mail & Password

  • Google Sign in

  • Integration with Firebase Auth (free)

  • Logout

Click here Now to Get Started with React Native Shopify Template.



2. EvaStore

EvaStore is a complete mobile app used for Shopify store by React Native and GraphQL. It is a full application template that has a lot of features for your Shopify web-shops.

Awesome Features

  • 2-WAY SYNC

EvaStore Shopify app is connected to your site through Rest API, so there is no impact on the app whenever is website is updated.

  • CROSS-PLATFORM (Android & iOS)

Reactive Native framework is used in the development of the app, which simply means you can have your app on Android and iOS platform.


It comes with a full integration between your shopify store and your mobile app. Which means, you get instant notification whenever an order is placed on your store.


With the support of search history keywords, searching for a product or post has been made easier.


You can earn while you sell, with the help of Admob and Facebook Ads that manages banner or interstitial ads.


The foundation has been built, the app can look exactly as you want it. You can customize everything, from colors to themes to functionality


The product variant will display dynamically from the app without modifying UI


Support Share the product content just few tap with native sharing


The status of your purchased product can be easily tracked using “My order” feature.


Completion of payment has never been this easy, the checkout flow is super easy with few step to complete the payment


The app can be used in different countries with different currency. You can select your default currency easily via user profile screens, and easily change to other currency


You can easily manage your shipping address through the app by switching between already saved addresses or adding a new address.


From the Shopify admin dashboard, you can synchronize your shipping setting easily with fewer steps.


Users can easily login with their existing account or create a new account if they are new users immediately on the app.


It supports Wishlist feature which allows saving of your favorite product for later transaction

Click here Now to Get Started with EvaStore.

3. Mstore Shopify

Are you a physical-store shop owner with high consumer traffic? Do you think it’s time to go digital? Or you are an online shop-owner with E-Commerce websites? Do you both want to maximize sale opportunities? This App is a complete React Native template for e-commerce and is specially made for you and developers who are challenged to develop store mobile application in shorter time. Here is how MStore can help everyone out in their new task.

If you are a physical shop owner or a mobile app developer, MStore provides you with variety of ready-to-use E-commerce templates to create your mobile store application. If you own an online shop in Shopify, with MStore, you can convert your current websites to mobile store app easily. Your mobile app store will be found in both App Store and Google Play Store. Your mobile app gives higher user-experience comparing to website-on-mobile. Your products will appear clear and can be zoom without any error. While you can control your store and orders of shoppers, your shoppers also can connect and stay aware of all promotions and announcements of your stores if they have your app on their mobiles.

Fantastic Features

Product Detail

  • Variations in color and size

  • Flat-list component

  • Detail tab views

  • Paralax image effect

  • Add to wishlist

  • Sharing the product

  • Zoom to open Sideshow

  • Related product support

Multi Layout

  • Advance layout configuration

  • Cart view

  • List view

  • 3 columns mode

  • 2 columns mode

  • Horizontal

  • Flat-list component

  • Parallax effect

  • SlideShow Banner

Checkout & Payments

  • Support multi payment

  • COD, Paypal, Credit…

  • Same as Web configuration

  • Flexible checkout

  • Top securities

Offline Wishlist & Searching

  • Instant searching

  • Offline support

Click here Now to Get Started with MStore.

MStore other Features


Increasing sales is the paramount aim of every shop owner, with the new modern world where everyone is busy online. Then it’s high to leverage on the opportunity of internet through Mobile App development for Shopify store. Since everyone needs to own a mobile app for their shopify store, 3 Cool React Native Shopify Template for 2020 is the best article you need.

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