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10 React Native Calendar Component ,Example ,Project

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In this post, we are going through 10 React Native Calendar Components that are going to help in the implementation of calendar view in any React Native application. The calendar components are mostly utilized in the apps that have some functions related to timekeeping, task saving, note-making, reminder setups, etc. Thus, the components that we are going through in this article will not only cover the basic UI of the Calendar component but also it’s functionalities in different application concepts. The React Native developers will find it intriguing to know about these components are they are the highlight of most utilized calendar components out there in Git repos. Examples and projects implementing these components will help us establish a deeper learning curve in their use-cases. In addition to Calendar components, this article has included timetables, GitHub inspired Heat maps, time pickers, etc.

It is natural for a React Native Developer to have a curiosity towards different React Native components whether it be an in-built or third party. Those of us who are curious about the Calendar components, let’s dive into details.

1. React Native date & time picker component for iOS and Android

This is one of the most popular date and time picker plugin out there for React Native app development. React Native community maintains this package. So, there is no doubt about its credibility and trust. The package offers the date and time picker component for both iOS and Android platforms. The component itself is highly customizable and feature-rich. It provides configuration for a different date and time formats with multiple functions. The component provides the scrollable time picker as well as analog clock version whereas for the Date picker, there is the feature of dropdown Calendar as well as the scrollable date picker. The package is easy to install and simple to use.

2. Simple timetable app built with React Native

This package delivers a simple and clean timetable app written completely in JavaScript for React Native. Any react native developer can use this example package to implement an app that includes booking features like room booking, todo, personal appointment, etc. The example package is build using the Redux technology along with Redux forms. So, we can be sure that the app is well maintained and structured. The application provides a simple interface to pick date and time, set notification, location, and a note. The stored variables are shown in list format based on date and time on the main screen.

3. idiot-proof date picker for React Native

This package delivers a simple date picker component with a focus on reducing implementation complexity. Since moment.js backs this package, it provides the feature of storing and viewing dates in different formats. The UI is quite simple with the dropdown components to select year, month, and day. The package is highly recommended if you want to include only a simple date picker component.

4. Lightweight Date picker for React native


It is a simple, lightweight date picker build for React Native applications that do not use any kind of modals. This package is the very first implementation of this date picker in react native and is expected to work on any platform. The component available is sets the date picker view to the screen itself which means there is no implementation of any sort of pop-ups or modals in order to pick the date. The use of arrow interface to control the selection of date is one of the primary feature of this package. The dependencies only include the required props and moment.js date formats.

5. Drag & Drop React native calendar component

This package delivers the Calendar component supporting the dragging operation. The primary objective of this Calendar component is to provide the draggable interface in the Calendar View. It enables users to select the days just by dragging the date from the start date position to the end date position. With slides of fingertips, it enables users to select the number of days from the starting date to the end date. This allows the selection of multiple days and months. It enables the rendering o number of days and months with customizable content.

6. Week View Component for React native

This react native calendar component enables us to display the Calendar interface as the week view. It also provides the time table for a day in a week. This component is suitable for keeping the time table of various events happening in a day or a week. It also delivers the locale customization which depends on the moment.js package.

7. React Native iOS style calendar

This package delivers the iOS-like calendar interface specifying the date along with the timeline across a day. Hence, it also allows the setting of events in the timeline. This package was implemented using the VirtualizedList. This package incorporates the work of He was responsible for adding new features and improving the overall functioning of the plugin.

8.React native heatmap calendar component

As a developer, we must have used Github to maintain the versions of our coding drafts. While working with Github, the contribution heat map graph should not have escaped our eye-sight. It delivers the heat map view of our interaction with Github repos based on different color intensity. This package provides the replication of the similar heat map component which we can use in our react-native projects. The designs and functions are completely inspired by the Github contribution graph and React Calendar Heatmap package.

9. React Native Customize Selected Date

This package highlights the calendar interface component which allows the customization of the event date. It supports android & ios). It facilities different props, methods, and APIs in order to enable the customizable event date formats. Moreover, the Github repo delivering this package also welcomes the pull requests to improve or deliver new features.

10.Customizable picker and date picker react-native components

The noteworthy feature of this package is that the Picker component is highly customizable. Moreover, it also delivers the Calendar Modal interface in order to select the date. The package supports both Android and iOS platforms. The major highlights of this package are the customizable Picker component and the DatePicker component for the React Native projects.


Hope, this article helps you get the quick summary of popular React Native calendar components out there to use in your React Native project. The Calendar components are not only limited to modal Calendar interface to pick dates but also scrollable, swippable, draggable, customizable components. Some of the components like Heat map and week view are particularly unique which will provide a new taste to any react native app. Make sure to go through every package before selecting the best one for your project. Each package has its own unique and problem-solving features. So, if you are in need of the simple, highly customizable, dynamic, and unique Calendar components, make sure to remember this article.

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