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Discussion on: I created Hoppscotch 👽 - Open source API development ecosystem

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@liyasthomas I know I'm getting to this a bit late but I have to commend you, this is awesome work and I love the name. I'm not a lawyer but I don't think you need to be too worried about any potential legal issues if this is a FOSS project and the name falls under "satire" :D

Anyway, I love that you're using Nuxt.js...curious whether you have a back-end at all, and whether I can DM you? You of all people seem to know how to implement the Authorization grant token (oauth flow using Nuxt for social login) and I'd love to pick your brain on this.

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Liyas Thomas Author • Edited on

I would love have a conversation with you. You can DM me here or I'm available on Twitter @liyasthomas.

Glad you liked the project. Thanks for your suggestions on legal issues. Later, I came to know that there are thousands of projects which even sounds similar and does pretty much the same thing.

Currently, we don't have a backend at all. I made it fully transparent, we don't even do analytics, logging or accept any user/client informations. I believe in "free for all" philosophy. Currently we're focusing on its growth. Adding essential features such as workspace sharing, auth, collections etc and encouraging people to use it. Making it popular or should I say, letting people know that there exists a service that has everything for API testing and its free and open source.

I believe your contributions to the project on GitHub will be an asset for us. Please consider contributing and share the love with a text, tweet or talk. Looking forward for your response.

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KP • Edited on

Thanks @liyasthomas . I just starred the project on Github...amazing that you're focused on it's growth above all else. I will definitely be using postwoman and report any issues / improvements I find.

Right now I'm focused on a problem dealing with Auth in Nuxt (Social oAuth using the Authorization Grant token, to be specific). Is this something you would know about and can help point me in the right direction on? My DMs on DEV are also open if that's you want to follow me back / send a message so we can connect and talk further?