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re: Hello @KP, Yep, I will. Right now I'm using sort automation for Vue, React apps, but I'm still in the R&D phase. My current work-flow: Use t...

@sm0ke : Nuxt is great but incredibly complex imo. I'm playing with laravel + inertiaJs at the moment, and am loving it. Look forward to seeing what you cook up!

AppSeed - App Generator - this product put together my whole R&D work for the last two years.
The hidden fact about it is that I'm using automation to generate apps for different technologies:

  • vue, react
  • full-stack boilerplates
  • jamstack apps
  • bulma css apps

More will come, in the near future because my flow becomes faster. Apps can be used without an account because we all knew that open-source is a sexy thing.

Now I'm looking for options to migrate legacy Bootstrap apps to Bulma CSS & Tailwind. I will provide an open-source tool for this in the next 2mo. The idea is not mine, check out this tool, written in Php. :)

I will code the tool in Python / BS4 with an extension to Tailwind. But this is another R&D jump.

@sm0ke ...great work! Looks like a lot went into this. For some reason I thought automation meant testing (versus automated builder tools). This is pretty cool, too!

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