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Hello @KP,
Yep, I will. Right now I'm using sort automation for Vue, React apps, but I'm still in the R&D phase. My current work-flow:

  • Use the Html Parser to extract the components
  • Inject Components, layouts in Vue, React boilerplates.
  • Apps are built on a decoupled architecture, where the backend and the frontend are separated.

Anyway, I'm years behind Nuxt, and other tools, but in the end, my automation flow produces apps with usable UI, which is great IMO.

@sm0ke : Nuxt is great but incredibly complex imo. I'm playing with laravel + inertiaJs at the moment, and am loving it. Look forward to seeing what you cook up!

AppSeed - App Generator - this product put together my whole R&D work for the last two years.
The hidden fact about it is that I'm using automation to generate apps for different technologies:

  • vue, react
  • full-stack boilerplates
  • jamstack apps
  • bulma css apps

More will come, in the near future because my flow becomes faster. Apps can be used without an account because we all knew that open-source is a sexy thing.

Now I'm looking for options to migrate legacy Bootstrap apps to Bulma CSS & Tailwind. I will provide an open-source tool for this in the next 2mo. The idea is not mine, check out this tool, written in Php. :)

I will code the tool in Python / BS4 with an extension to Tailwind. But this is another R&D jump.

@sm0ke ...great work! Looks like a lot went into this. For some reason I thought automation meant testing (versus automated builder tools). This is pretty cool, too!

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