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Ask DEV: What are your favorite Developer Blogs?

kovah profile image Kevin Woblick ・1 min read

Blogs are one of my favorite sources for new and interesting content. They are individual and mostly target specific topics. They help solve problems, discover new approaches for common problems or learn new technologies.

In the past years, at least from my observation, blogs experienced a small renaissance. Medium made writing cool again. Self-hosting your blog became more popular in the past years, mostly pushed by static site generators like Hugo and hosting providers like Netlify, which make it super easy to get your blog running. You don't have to worry about installing Wordpress, and having to deal with databases and security plugins. I switched from Wordpress to Hugo a while ago and couldn't be happier.
However, this thread is not about writing, but reading blogs.

My favorite blogs include:

  • Codrops (all about resources and discovery of new stuff, been following their collectives for years already)
  • A List Apart (High quality articles about the web)
  • (Tutorials about basically everything in tech)
  • OneExtraPixel (great source for resources and alternatives-lists)
  • Coding Horror (Jeff Atwood talking about various topics around tech and programming)
  • Clean Code (blog of the well known Uncle Bob)

But how about you? Do you follow any developer blogs?
What are your favorite blogs to follow and why?

Discussion (4)

layzee profile image
Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen

My favorite blog is Angular INDEPTH which I'm also writing for. We're currently in the process of leaving Medium after having enough of their monetization. Most recently, they dropped custom domain support (only for us), broke all of our links, and stole our Google juice in the process.

I had a couple of Medium articles that were not published on Angular INDEPTH. I have just republished them on DEV:

lautarolobo profile image
Lautaro Lobo

I usually read FreCodeCamp news. And I check DEV everyday of course ;)

msfjarvis profile image
Harsh Shandilya

As an Android developer, Jake Wharton's blog is always a source of endless fascination

fultonbrowne profile image
Fulton Browne

Great recommendation, I have been looking for a good android blog, so I will definitely be reading.

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