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Vladislav Kopylov
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Using ChatGPT 1: Setup local environment

I have experience with using ChatGPT, but I didn’t consider it an everyday tool for a programmer. I’ve changed my job, got a MacBook with Ventura OS, a welcome pack and started to set up local environment. My new project is a big system written on RubyOnRails with SPA written on reactJS. Of course, I did it before and I didn’t think there would be any problems. Unfortunately, I had problems with setting up local environment for the SPA application, specifically with installing node-gyp. I’ve tried different nodeJS versions and I’ve asked my team leader for help. We didn’t find any solution. I was frustrated and my working day was wasted.

In the evening I came back home and decided to ask ChatGPT for setting up local environment for the SPA application. Honesty, I didn’t think it would help. I decided to do it just for fun. I poured a cup of tea and opened I’ve sent an error to ChatGPT, it asked me about my local environment and tried to help me. It suggested changing my nodeJS version, use FORCE_PREBUILT_MODULES flag, etc, but we still had problems. After 45 minutes it wrote me to install all packages with —ignore-scripts and it worked for me. I have installed fsevents, node-gyp and other packages. It worked like a magic, I didn’t believe that ChatGPT have helped me. Wow, I was surprised and so excited! It’s a big thing and I will continue to use it for my job tasks.

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