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🎈 Weekly Win (44/2020)

Did you attend the Jamstackconf a few weeks ago? If you did, I hope you visited our virtual booth too. We had many interesting conversations and got to live coding too.

Around that time I have just finished my new personal site on Jamstack. You know, to have it nice and fast. But what I observed on other, mainly Gatsby-powered, sites were these nice transitions between pages. No visible flick and reload in the browser when navigating to other pages, but a seamless transition.

When we discussed that on Jamstackconf, there was a guest in our booth that encouraged me and helped me to do the same on my website using Framer Motion. It took literally just an hour including finding and fixing one bug in routing 😄

Take a look at and if you like the transitions, add them to your website too: Framer Motion on Github.

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