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Konnor Rogers

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Exploring Trix


Well, the reason is simple. Trix is notoriously hard to extend. It has little documentation and is written in Coffee-Script which is not very well known these days. (There is a rewrite in progress to change to JavaScript)

Trix is the underlying JavaScript library for the overarching ActionText module in Ruby on Rails.

I'm going to be exploring how to extend and manipulate Trix.

In this series I will be attempting to recreate an the Github markdown editor editor to be determined, but perhaps in the future this can be a grab-bag of various tips + tricks. The final product may not have all the gadgets and gizmos, but I will attempt to make it close.

What is Trix?

Trix is "A Rich Text Editor for Everyday Writing"

Trix is also considered a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get)

Without getting too far into the nitty-gritty, Trix is a web component designed for the modern era of JavaScript and was released during a not-so-modern era.

Where to start?

I'll be using a barebones JavaScript repo using Vite for local development.

The repo can be found here:

In the official start to the series, we will explore how to change the default toolbar's HTML.

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