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Hey! 👋 I'm founder and full stack web developer (Go, JavaScript, Docker & automation) at True web artisans. Golang lover, UX evangelist, DX philosopher & UI Dreamer with over 12+ years of experience.


Founder & Full stack Web Developer, UI/UX Designer at True web artisans

🎯 What is Continuous Delivery and why should you start using it right now?

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3 min read

☕️ Let's automate a backup process of your GitHub accounts, organizations & repositories

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3 min read

☄️ How to update version's cache of your package in pkg.go.dev?

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2 min read

⚙️ How to install Brotli module for Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04+

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3 min read

🚀 GitHub Action for release your Go projects as fast and easily as possible

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4 min read

🔗 Personal URL shortener on your domain with automation through GitHub Actions

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6 min read

⚡️ Create your first GitHub action in 6 minutes

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✨ A practical guide to GitHub Actions: build & deploy a static 11ty website to remote virtual server after push

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11 min read

Improvements to JavaScript in the new ES2020 standard 🎁

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5 min read

Fiber v1.9.6 🔥 How to improve performance by 817% and stay fast, flexible and friendly?

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7 min read

Mint 🌿 The programming language for writing single page applications (SPA)

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🚀 Fiber v1.8. What's new, updated and re-thinked?

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4 min read

🐞 Find your own Golden bug!

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Fiber released v1.7! 🎉 What's new and is it still fast, flexible and friendly?

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5 min read

🔥 Battle for the Bundling time: esbuild — a JavaScript bundler and minifier written on Golang

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3 min read

What does you do, when you need a desktop version of your existing SPA web app? 💡

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5 min read

Let's write config for your Golang web app on right way — YAML 👌

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5 min read

Enter to gRPC in Go → first server

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Welcome to Fiber — an Express.js styled web framework written in Go with ❤️

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TinyGo — is now officially a Google sponsored project 🎉

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💬 What is your programming credo and how it helps you at every day code?

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The easiest way to embed static files into a binary file in your Golang app (no external dependencies)

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6 min read

How to dockerize your static website with Nginx, automatic renew SSL for domain by Certbot and deploy it to DigitalOcean?

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🥑 Get on an “information diet“ to be even more effective developer!

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How to write more clear `for` loops in JavaScript and why it's important?

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3 min read

The V programming language

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How to stop copy-paste and make .gitignore globally?

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How to create a native macOS app on Go (Golang) and React.js with full code protection — Part 1

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8 min read

How to clone your private repository from GitHub to server, Droplet, VDS, etc?

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📚 How to get out of “the endless circle” of self-study programming?

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