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Discussion on: The problem with “you guys”

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Knut Melvær Author

I like it, sort of a digital-charitable version of npm’s "you guys"-jar. I didn't plan to spend much time developing the bot further, but since all the code is on, anyone can easily remix the code and e.g. make it possible to change the link from Slack with a charity of choice.

It's sad and worrysome reading about what's going on in Venezuela. I hope you're OK considering the circumstances. Do you have a charity you would recommend?

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I'm currently in Mexico so, I'm cool. There's a few things I'm not okay with but that would be a huge post that might make people sad because there are so many layers to leaving a country in shambles without really wanting to.

As for the charity, I'm asking in a group, they're really touched by this!

They've recommended the following: with a link to a man (a best friend of one of the group members) who with help from meals4hope wants to do a marathon to help more kids!: this one is to help the Perez Carreño Hospital in Caracas. She has an instagram as well :3

There's also the #serviciopublico HT in twitter that while it might be difficult to donate to, you'll be able to see how much people ask for medicine. It kinda puts in perspective the medicine problem which not a lot of people understand D:

There's a lot of instagram accounts, there's one for animals but I'm kinda worried about posting it here because it's very "omg trigger warning" since animals are having it very very very rough right now, her cases make me cry sometimes ;U;

anyway, if I find anymore I'll reply again <3 thankies :D