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Discussion on: Do you keep a work journal?

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Klee Thomas

I keep a dot point list of things I have done at work in a personal notion account. I have found it is really useful when I get around to end of year review time and have to answer the question "what have I achieved in the last year?". I found before I had this list the only thing I could think of was "ummmm... work?" and it made those reviews all the more stressful.

Since the target audience for the list is me, and me a alone, it is a mess. In consistent levels of abstraction, points duplicated and inconsistent formatting. The same list will include, I fixed a bug, I lead a project and I thought about talking to that person about something we might work on.

In the last couple of years I've taken to encouraging everyone who will listen to me to keep some kind of list of what they've done to help make their yearly reviews/pay rise discussions/job applications that much easier.