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Release 0.4: Part1, choosing a open-source project

klee214 profile image KiminLee ・2 min read

First try and failure

In the last weekend, I found the very nice project which is really huge. PWA Studio is a collection of tools that lets developers build complex Progressive Web Applications on top of Magento 2 stores. There are more than 100 contributors.

The issue was even if the filter was changed, it is not actually applied.
The person who raised this issue told that it might be because of GraphQL or any front-end issue. As I didn't know the GraphQL, I tried to find out what it is, then try to install the code and figure out what the problem is.
After spending couple days on it, I realized this was the thing that was beyond my ability. I needed to find out other project.

Small but needed to be changed a lot!

I spent an entire day to search github for this release 0.4. However, I was more careful to choose one after the failure. I didn't want to take another risk.

After all, I have decided to contribute the project that I have done before. The GreenLight has been looking for someone to update the important part of the program since that time. He wants to update the lexical system of the program.
It requires a lot of coding and changing the program a lot.
Even if the project is really small, I think this might be worth contribution.

Plan for this

The issue is making a better system for transpiling the raw code to be read by Node.js. I don't know what would be the best solution for this system. So for next couple days, I will find out what would be the best model for it.

I will keep update the changes.


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