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VS Code Extensions I use Daily

klamserdev profile image Jakob Klamser Originally published at klamser.dev ・4 min read

In this article, I want to go through my favorite Visual Studio Code Extensions that I use on a daily basis. Most of the time I use VS Code for writing JavaScript applications (Vanilla JavaScript, React, Angular, NodeJS… You name it).

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

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This is a great extension that helps me find my way around complicated nested promises in JavaScript. It colorizes, as the name suggests, bracket pairs which help me a lot at figuring out if I messed up somewhere (missing brackets for example). By default it matches the normal brackets like (), [] and {} but you can also define your custom brackets if needed.
It has a lot of other cool features such as defining your colors or showing a gutter for the active brackets. Go ahead and give it a try.


Marketplace: Link

NPM Intellisense

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As you can see in the GIF it auto-completes requires an import statement that targets NPM packages. This helps out quite a lot especially if your projects get quite big and packs a lot of dependencies in your package.json. I don't want to miss this plugin anymore, highly recommended!


Marketplace: Link

Path Intellisense

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This is a sibling of NPM Intellisense. It does the same auto-completion but now for your filesystem. The maintainer is the same and as with his sibling, I don't want to miss this anymore!


Marketplace: Link


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This tool is a great addition if you just want to try something out without setting up a project first. It immediately spits out the output next to your JavaScript/TypeScript code, by checking it in real-time, as seen in the GIF. It is a great extension, especially for debugging purposes.


Marketplace: Link


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Since I am working with NodeJS a lot of the time I got used to set up my development environment entirely with Docker. Before I found this extension I worked with the CLI exclusively. 
This extension is a must-have for handling multiple Docker images and containers because it gives you a quick overview of which containers are running, which images are built, and which networks are created.
If you use Docker on a daily basis I can only emphasize using this extension.


Marketplace: Link

Live Server

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I am still using static web sites and vanilla JavaScript once in a while and because I do that I don't want to install something like a webpack-dev-server or something like that. This extension helps me solve this problem by providing a local development server with a hot reload feature meaning it refreshes the page as soon as you save any changes made to the files. It has a nice "Go Live"-button in the status bar that lets you start the server with just one click. Definitely check out this extension if you haven't already.


Marketplace: Link

Auto Close Tag and Auto Rename Tag

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These are two small plugins for your VS Code that helps you maintain your HTML files by auto renaming and closing your tags. This also works in React's very own JSX syntax. Give it a try if you want to save you some time.

Source Auto Close Tag

Source Auto Rename Tag

Marketplace: Auto Close Tag and Auto Rename Tag

Markdown Preview Enhanced

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I use Markdown for a lot of things. For example, writing articles on hashnode.com or dev.to, writing documentation for my private projects, or organizing myself by writing notes down in markdown. Most of the time I do that using VS Code and I was lacking a good markdown preview tool until I found Markdown preview Enhanced. It does not only provide you with a preview, but it also features synchronized scrolling, PDF export, and PlantUML. I really like this tool and can highly recommend it to everyone that works regularly with Markdown.


Marketplace: Link


These are my most used extensions for VS Code that I use on a daily basis. I hope you found something new and useful for your workflow. Let me know what extensions you use.

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Hi Jakob,

There are settings for auto closing tags and auto renaming tags that you may be interested in. You can read more in my post.


What about HTMLHint?


I don't understand the question. What do you mean?

Does VSC has same functionality?

You need an extension for static analysis/linting HTML, there is a HTMLHint extension.


Great list, tho I still find Auto Close Tag and Auto Rename Tag quite buggy when working with deeply nested code structures... Also, be careful with Quokka as you can mess up your code quickly if you use it in multiple places simultaneously.


You don't need ACT or ART anymore. Both features are now available in VS Code, and that built in functionality may be fighting with the extensions.


Didn't know that about Quokka. I only use it for testing out stuff on the fly.
Never had problems with Auto Close Tag and Rename Tag... Strange


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Thanks a lot, hope to get your help. Any more question, please let me know.


That’s fine. Go ahead


I have quite a few that I use and sometimes wind up slowing VS Code startup due to the number of them (LOL):

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2
Color Highlight
Node.js Modules Intellisense
TODO Highlight
TODO Parser
Visual Studio Intellicode
VS Color Picker

Extensions that I have active but use infrequently:

Lorem ipsum
Spell Right

I have found Lorem ipsum to be useful for generating long password strings for protecting PDF documents generated with PDFKit.


Really nice suggestions, specially Quokka.js and Markdown Preview that I will absolutely install. Thank you!


to be honest Gitlens deserves to be listed..


Great article. Thanks for sharing


I use quite a few of those Bracket Pair Colorizer 2 was a game changer when I discovered it not sure how I coped without it.


Quokka is awesome. I saw it used on a Fun Fun Function video a while back and was blown away.


Thanks! I’ll give live server a god for sure, that seems extremely convenient when working with static sites!


Thanks for sharing.. nice extensions.. will definitely try markdown enhanced..


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