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Pratik Singh
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My journey to NASDAQ

This is my journey to becoming a Senior Software Developer at NASDAQ.

The Nasdaq Stock Market is an American stock exchange based in New York City. It is the most active stock trading venue in the US by volume and ranked second on the list of stock exchanges by market capitalization of shares traded, behind the New York Stock Exchange. The exchange platform is owned by Nasdaq, Inc., which also owns the Nasdaq Nordic stock market network and several U.S.-based stock and options exchanges.


I am Pratik Singh, just a recent engineering pass-out from Bangalore.
In this blog post, I will describe the application process, the interview process, and my experience working at this company.

My Story

In this section, I will discuss my story with NASDAQ.
One random day I get a message from HR at NASDAQ for an opening at the company. It was a role related to Golang and DevOps. I showed my interest along with my resume.
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Selection Process

  • Interview with Manager 🙇🏻 :

For me, there was not any online assignment at first. I am not sure what was the reason for it. But I guess since they had handpicked my profile, my manager wanted to know me better.
It was a technical interview. We talked a lot about DevOps and System designs. He focused on the tools and architecture they have at work. What helped me was my experience and the learnings I got from my previous internships.

  • Coding Interview ⚔️ :

Yes! there was a DSA round for this job role. I revised the basics of various Data Structures. I was a bit rusty, to be honest, but my interviewer was very helpful. The first question was very easy, while the second question was based on Golang API calls.

P.S.: I gave this interview from a Google office 😂

  • Interview with Manager's Manager 🤺 :

This was scary honestly! I was not sure if I would be able to answer all the questions that might be asked of me. But to my surprise, it was a very lighthearted discussion. We discussed tech for a while and then we discussed startups and my past experiences.

  • HR Round 👩🏻‍🦳:

Not much to tell about this. My manager was impressed with me. He was interested in hiring me for his team. There were a lot of discussions about compensation and other stuff in this meeting.

  • Hired as a Senior Software Engineer ✌️😊

My experience so far

I love my job at NASDAQ! Our team uses Go and deploys on Kubernetes Clusters. My responsibilities include building and maintaining CI pipelines and completing releases. My manager's technical background is a blessing because we discuss work and bounce ideas together. The seniors on the team are helpful and have included me in several tasks. I am excited about the learning opportunities and experiences ahead at this company.

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Thanks for reading my article :)

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Janvi Thakkar

Great going @kitarp29 :))

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Pratik Singh

Thank You Janvi!
And right back at you :)
Your hustle is my source of motivation as well!

janvithakkar profile image
Janvi Thakkar

Thank you for your kind words :)

rishiyadav1923 profile image

Amazing Pratik, thanks for sharing your experience ☺

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Pratik Singh

Thanks! I hope it helps you :)