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JavaScript Basic Concepts that are important in React

kiranrajvjd profile image Kiran Raj R ・2 min read

When I start learning React I was baffled by some of the codes blocks, I don't understand how the code works or how the output was generated. So I begin to dig into react ecosystem to understand the concepts and I found myself in no man's land, I was lost and frustrated. The reason, I was not thorough in my JavaScript(still not) basics. I skipped some topics believing that I fully understand the working. Due to the lack of knowledge in JavaScript basics I fell into many awkward situations not knowing how to solve certain problem or what method I should use, I lost too much time, and I don't want anyone to have the same experience as mine. So I like you to study at least the following topics in JavaScript before you jump into React.

  1. Classes
  2. Modules
  3. Rest, spread
  4. Destructuring
  5. Higher order functions
  6. Arrow functions

This list is not the ultimate list, just the few topic I found most important. All topic are important but try to understand at least the following which will definitely help you. I have linked post that I write about the topic, it may help you. Some of the topics are not completing as I am trying to learn more about those topic and will be updated. I would be happy if you point out my mistakes which will help me to learn better. If you have any resources please feel free to share. Let's learn together :) Happy coding :)

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Madza • Edited

A day ago I was asked to give some advice on picking up React. I always recommend learning ES6 and above first, otherwise, it's confusing to understand which concepts come from JS and which - from React itself πŸ˜‰

kiranrajvjd profile image
Kiran Raj R Author

ES6, Yes, if you have any topic that worth mentioning, please feel free to comment so that we can make studying react a bit more easy.

madza profile image

There are a lot of great resources covering all the latest JS features (ES6 and above), one I would highly recommend is πŸ“š