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10 Simple Navigation Bar Hover Animations

kiranrajvjd profile image Kiran Raj R Updated on ・1 min read

One of the main components of a web page is the navigation menu, it help us to quickly navigate to the page we want. Some navigation bar contains many links/menu items which make it a complex element, sometimes it will be difficult to understand in which link we are or which link we clicked to get here. In such a situation a visual indication of our current location in the web page will be a great help, here I list 10 simple beginner level hover effects which can be used to show on which menu item we are pointing to. Or this can be used to show the active menu item. On the code I commented briefly what method I used to get the effect, I don't do much styling, you can use your creative ideas. I just want to show some methods to animate menu elements on hover. All these are simple animation easy for a beginner, please comment the mistakes you found in the code or any new ideas you like to share. Happy Coding.

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