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Top Frontend Frameworks on github 2024

As we dive into 2024, let's explore the top frontend frameworks based on their popularity and community support.

1. React


GitHub Stars: 217,417

React continues to be a powerhouse in the frontend world, known for its declarative syntax and efficient rendering. With a massive community and continuous improvements, React is a go-to choice for building scalable and interactive applications.

2. htmx


GitHub Stars: 27,206

htmx takes a unique approach by enabling developers to leverage AJAX, WebSockets, and Server Sent Events directly within HTML. This lightweight framework empowers you to create dynamic and responsive applications without compromising simplicity.

3. Svelte


GitHub Stars: 74,956

Svelte's innovative approach shifts the heavy lifting from the browser to the build step, resulting in highly optimized and performant applications. With a growing community and intuitive syntax, Svelte is gaining popularity among developers.

4. Million


GitHub Stars: 13,981

Million stands out for its minimalistic approach, providing a virtual DOM implementation in less than 1KB. If lightweight and efficient rendering are your priorities, Million is worth exploring.

5. Vue.js


GitHub Stars: 42,698

Vue.js continues to be a versatile choice for developers seeking a framework that is both approachable and scalable. Its incremental adoption allows developers to integrate Vue.js seamlessly into existing projects.

6. Angular


GitHub Stars: 93,207

Angular, backed by Google, remains a robust framework for building large-scale applications. With a comprehensive set of features and a strong ecosystem, Angular is a preferred choice for enterprise-level projects.

7. Solid


GitHub Stars: 30,169

Solid.js takes a reactive approach, emphasizing efficiency and flexibility. If you appreciate a declarative syntax and high-performance applications, Solid.js might be the right choice for you.

8. Qwik


GitHub Stars: 19,605

Qwik focuses on delivering instant-loading web apps effortlessly. With its emphasis on speed and a full-stack approach, Qwik is gaining traction among developers looking for a seamless user experience.

9. Nue


GitHub Stars: 4,924

Nue, as a newcomer, promises a content-first approach. While it's still in its early stages, it's worth keeping an eye on this framework as it evolves.

In conclusion, the frontend development landscape in 2023 offers a diverse range of frameworks catering to different preferences and project requirements. Whether you prioritize simplicity, performance, or specific features, there's a framework on this list that can meet your needs. Stay updated with the latest developments in these frameworks to ensure you're leveraging the best tools for your frontend projects. Happy coding!

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