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OSD600 - Week 2 - Lab 1

I find a partner to work with on Slack of OSD600 class. I text few people. Some people reply late or just start working on Release 0.1. Some people have their partners already. Finally, I find Thanh Van to work with. He creates a Static Site Generator with Node Js.

At first, I have some difficulties to run his code. I need to install some required packages to run (which not specify in the README). After all, everything goes fine to test his code. He has few issues on his code. He put all the text file into a single paragraph tag. He has not specify detailed packages needed to install to run the program on README. His code is organized but he needs few comments to explain how it works. The optional features about external stylesheet and specifying output folder work great. I would list some errors or recommendations to improve his code in the Issue Page on his repository:

Also, he gets my code and reviews it. We have hard time to find a way to install required software because I work with C++ and he works with Node Js. We installed MingW and C++17 and everything goes well. After that, I realize I should list more detailed the instructions about system requirements. I edit the README and --help option to give better clarification. You can see his feedback on my page in the Issue Page on my repository:

Reviewing other's code is interesting. This reminds me the knowledge I studied with Node Js. Also, I can see a different way to implement a static site generator. In contrast, it's good to let someone else review my code so I can learn more about the errors that people face with my program so I can fix it.

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