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OSD600 Final Project Blog 2


🔥This is a mini-series including 3 blogs that shows the process how I work on my final project in my Open-Source Development class (OSD600) at Seneca College.

📝In the first blog, I introduced how I found an open-source repo to work for Final Project. In this second blog, I will introduce my process of installation and setup the app.


Step 1: Twitter API

  • I had to register for Twitter API because the app requires API from Twitter.
  • I had to fill out the registration form from Twitter and waited 1 day to be approved for the access granted.
  • I got the API Key in order to implement into Secrets.swift file in the project later.
import Foundation

// swiftlint:disable line_length

enum Secrets{
    static let bearerToken = "myAPIKey"
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Step 2: AWS Amplify DataStore

  • I had to install AWS Amplify DataStore in case I needed to change the model of the app.
  • I opened the terminal and type:
curl -sL | bash && $SHELL
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  • The amplify package is already added to the repo when I folked it my computer.

Step 3: Setup Repo

  • I folked the repo to my GitHub.
  • I cloned it to my computer.
git clone
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  • I set the remote upstream to the maintainer's repo.
git remote add upstream
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  • I checked out new branch with formatted name by rule.
git checkout -b 101-feature-pin-category
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  • Finally, I could run the app on XCode and opened iPhone 11 Simulator:
    Image description

  • This is the main screen of categories of the app:
    Image description

  • This is the screen when I hold my finger on each category.
    Image description

  • My target is to show the option pin under edit.


💻During the installation process, it took me a while to get the API, install the necessary packages and run the app properly.

❗At first, I could not run the app. I researched and watched youtube videos to see if I installed correctly or not. Finally, I found out that I could not run the app because all the added packages (Amplify, SQLite, Starscream,..) were not finished loading yet. I had to leave them some time to finish loading, then I could run the app.

💪Stay tuned and look forward to my last blog about my implementation process and final result.


📚Read my mini-series at:

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